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  1. Hi, After I read that using Odex Me! (from kitchen) and odexing /system gives a performance-boost i wanted to give it a try. I just wonder what happens if a) i later integrate apps into /system (e.g. with Titanium BU) B) update apps in /system (also with Titatium BU) - so if for example gmail gets updated and I integrate that update into /system First I thought I might just need to run Odex Me! again (so .odex-files get updated if needed), but at last for me it seems that Odex Me! is gone after i have used it once ? Can someone explain to me what the above mentioned usecases would mean for me ? I think that .odex-files don´t match or are missing in those cases ?) Thx Marcus
  2. @Paul: any ETA for this ? .. its urgently needed becaus of this: http://www.modaco.com/topic/348909-4-apr-ir13-imm76d-404-cdma-gsm-modaco-custom-rom-for-the-galaxy-nexus/page__st__2520__p__1953754#entry1953754. (And maybe you can also have a look why this happens at all ... if there is someone to understand and "fix2 - its you ! ;-)
  3. Hi all, I hope someone can give me a hint on the following issue: I noticed that i have a huge amount of mobile-data traffic the last few days/weeks and as i have not installed any new app or changed behaviour i investigated and found it was "Google services - background-data" .. As i have DISABLED ALL Google-Account sync topcis (e.g. fotos, calendar, mail etc ... ALL) i wondered what this was. After some further investigation i found that others have the same problem (with other custom-roms) and the reason was that obviously some OTA Updates was (partly) downloaded ... when i check the update-section in system-info i see that some "download of 4.0.4 update failed" .. and even if i never got any notification it seems the OTA-Updates is always (partly) downloaded - and the data matches the mobile-data i am "loosing". So the questions is: Even if I am on a custom rom (currently MCR IR12 - wanted to wait for IMM76I-MCR) the OTA is downloaded automatically (but then fails) and no notification is shown also. How do i prevent that ? - before having IMM76I-based ROM. I always thought a custom rom should not download OTA, but obviously it does (and was confirmed by others) ... maybe something new with ICS ? I thought about modifying build.prop with most recent IMM76I fingerprint ? .. any side-effects if that does not match the ROM-base i have (IR12). Or anything else i can do to prevent the downloading ? I need to stop this data-usage .. and obviously it is downloading the OTA again and again, but then fails at one point ... Thx Marcus EDIT: Just to add ... I had the "4.0.2 build fingerprint" included in my rom-bake for IR12 .. so that is probably one reason why the OTA is downloaded. But obviously the download (or probably the verification) fails - thats why it get re-downloaded. I now tried to delete the 4.0.2 build fingerprint from build.prop and added the 4.0.4 - IMM30B from IR12-base one instead. Now I get "system up-to-date" when checking for firmware updates again (instead of the "download failed") - probably because for IMM30B there is not OTA to IMM76I compared to IMM76D ?). Let´s hope this prevents anything from beeing downloaded - and using mobile data when not on WLAN. But anyway I would like to understand why the download happens (again and again) when one is on an old version and how to prevent that with a custom rom (MCR in this case). EDIT2: discussion about this also .. here: https://code.google....detail?id=30015 and here (in German though ;-): http://www.android-h...erbrauch-3.html seems that this is quite confirmed (that OTA gets downloaded again and again) when using a custom rom <IMM76I .. question is just WHY and how to stop it !! ;-) There will always be times between a new OTA available and new Custom-Rom build beeing available .. and i can´t risk to spend all my 300MB 3g-traffic to be spent for this.
  4. @Paul: Now that IMM76I is out (that also fixes the singnal-loss in standby-issues on 4.0.4 ROMs - see here http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=28133)... ... how are chances that the upcoming version of MCR will be based on that ? Just wondering if it might be worth waiting a while before flashing current version. I am still on IR12 (which does not seem to have the issue as it is not "enough" of 4.0.4 to surface that problem :-) Thx Marcus
  5. As i am about to flash IR13 i still wonder about the 4.0.2 build fingerprint. What are the advantages/disadvantages. Now that 4.0.4 is out officially i would assume that most of the stuff should be compatiable - what am I missing here ? ;-) And then I wonder about the radio/bootloader discussion. I saw someone proposed the new bootloader (to fix the radio not beeing flashed) ? What effect does a bootloader update have ? As far as i understood it is not something that can effect the actually running system (like radio-quality, battery-lifetime, ...) as it is only the component that is booting the kernel ... So maybe someone can shed some light on these two topics for me ? Thx Marcus
  6. Confirmed ! Just out of curiosity i tried to delete it via a) "android-file transfer" on Mac and with connecting to Windows PC (using Windows Explorer) -> seemed to be gone, but was still there locally on the phone and also after reboot. B) adb (permission denied) c) local (root) file-explorer on the phone d) local shell (terminal) --> seems that Paul is doing some tricks with this - I wonder if these will go away when migrating to another Rom ? - not that i ever would ;-)
  7. Hi all, can someone explain what exactly the "4.0.2 build fingerprint" does and if it makes sense to choose that in kitchen ? I have an idea what it means (probably "faking" 4.0.2 based ROM ?), but what i don´t get is what sense this makes and in which cases this might even be needed ? Are there market apps that won´t install without that or something similar ? Thx Marcus
  8. marcuso

    Google Play Store Update ?

    mmhhh .. i now decided to install apk (got from apktops) and the first try it failed ?! (just said "... was not installed" ... i gave it another try and voilà - it worked.) First it was named "Google Play Store" .. after a reboot it was "Market" again - but still on 3.4.6 ? Strange - well .. I guess it might be time to go for IR11 anyway and do a wipe - something seems not quite right ;-) Marcus
  9. Hi all, I wonder if you have recieved the Market-to-Google-Play-Store update for your GNex running MCR ? I am on IR10 and have tried all the "tips" around (clearing market data/cache, ...), but my market app is not getting updated. (all people around here have got it - Of course it is more of a name-change only, but somehow I feel like wanting the latest version anyway ;-) Is it possible that the fact of having a custom rom (MCR) is somehow preventing the update ? I know that I can get the apk from somewhere, but am just curious whyt it does not autoupdate. Marcus
  10. marcuso

    poor benchmarks ?

    OK - Thx Checked that .... is antutu score ~6100 fine for the device ? - at least it is only slightly below the reference-bar for the GNex... (but also here I would have expected some positive MCR influence as it has been with all my other devices i have used with MCR before ;-)) But as said: I don´t care much - as long as the speed-experience is ok when using the device.
  11. Hi all Even if I know that benchmarks are not something that one should bother too much (happy with the device-performance in standard-use) I checked with my brand-new Galaxy Nexus pimped with current MCR out of the kitchen (standard MCR-kernel - no OC/UV...- device was stuttering with OC-patch) and got only between 1300 and 1700 Quadrant scores. I just wonder because his look really low and Paul´s screenshot in the kitchen-post shows much more. I would expect that a fresh device (not much other stuff running) should at least score significantly higher than Nexus One ;-) What is your experience ? Marcus
  12. just found out that this app was "freezed" (came out of kitchen that way!) - therefore unvisible until unfreezed with Titanium. And as I found no content (maybe because of region?) I now deleted it. ... in case someone elso wonders what this is ;-) Marcus
  13. I wonder what the "Videos" app in MCR Kitchen is .. i baked a ROM with that - and can see the app in Titanium for example, but can not launch anything ?! Anyone knows what that is doing ? Marcus
  14. marcuso


    There must be someone who is understanding this and can explain, i hope. Anyone ? .... ;-) Thx BR Marcus
  15. Even if i don´t need it yet I am not completely understanding the EFS-Backup/Restore thing. I understand the reason why saving efs makes sense and can help when efs is messed up and I am using linux for a while so i am familiar with dd and tar, but what i don´t fully get is: * What are the advatages of an image or tarball in this context ? Someone wrote tar would also save file-permissions, but shouldn´t an image save everything exactly byte-by-byte ? (saw that Paul was using dd and making an image with an older version of the script for SGSII, but bow changed to tar-ball with the MCR-option for GN. Any reason for this ?) * How to restore img and/or tar - i know how to use dd and tar, but i wonder if restore could/should be done during normal operation or in recovery ? So maybe someone can shed some more light on this topic for me ;-) Thx Marcus

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