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  1. ...it's impossible that no poker game exists for Windows Mobile! ;)
  2. Thanks! (I thought that it was only the name of this particular game! : ) So do you know a poker game with the classic mode, not texas hold'em? :P
  3. ...it looks like being a "sport" poker (I'm not sure of the English definition), with some cards on the table and some cards for each player... am I right?
  4. Hello! Can anyone suggest a poker game? I tried some, like Poker Texas Hold'em (that is a sport poker, with 3 cards on the table) or like Videopoker (where you obviously don't play against an opponent, but you win or lose some money according to the scores you get). I'd simply like to find a "classic" poker game in which you play against an opponent, but I can't find it...! Do you know some? Thanks! Bye :P
  5. Thanks! :P ...but it means that I have to install a new application? (I hoped to find a way to disable it without making the operating system heavier...)
  6. Hello everybody. I have a problem with Active Sync: after having installed it on my computer in order to connect the phone, I found that an Active Sync client has been put in a sort of Startup of Windows Mobile. I checked if it was listed in .\Windows\Startup but it isn't. However, if I go to Settings - Memory -RAM and I check the programs that are using some memory, I always fing the ActiveSync, which is eating some 500K of memory... if I terminate it from here, it does not reapper, but if I reboot (i.e. every morning) the bloody ActiveSync is there again... Can you help me? PS: I have verified that - even terminating the Active Sync program - this does not mess up the active sync connection with my pc, which works as before. Thanks in advance! Ciao :P
  7. thank you for your answer, now I have a clear idea! bye :-)
  8. Hello everyone. I read on some reviews and on the instructions of this particular function, called "Samsung Mobile tracker", which should be useful in case the phone is stealed. This system should send some sms messages in order to localize the phone... Do you know anything about it? thank you! B)
  9. maybe some mod version, or a program with this additional option?
  10. I made it! After some initial problems with port forwarding and public IP (I have Fastweb as internet provider), I managed to use the program and it is really great! Thank you for your help! Bye
  11. Thank you VERY much for your complete help! B) I have XP prof, so no problem on this side. I'm going to try everything this weekend and then I'll let you know. Thanks again & ciao! :)
  12. Thank you for your suggestion, TF0, I'm actually looking for a program that allows me to get access and to manage my desktop via IP (maybe connecting when I'm on vacation). I'm going to check it. The only question is: what program shall I install on my desktop computer to make the connection work? To: Thunder141 What do you mean with "brick some of your characters"? (maybe this is just a question about English language... ;-P!)
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