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  1. Hello, At this moment I have CM7/2.3.7 installed on my Pulse, and I would like to go back to the official 2.1. Meanwhile it is not that easy. Long time ago, I have used the so called Time Machine ROM successfully to downgrade my phone, but I am unable to find it again. The link in the ultimate guide is 404ed, and the file in this topic does not work for me. But I remember there was an older one (maybe the 404ed link?) that worked fine. Is there anybody who still has this file, and could post it for me? (Or give some other advice to downgrade my phone). Thanks in advance.
  2. Wow, i've got a similar question also: If I replaced the middle, drawer button, how can i undo it? When I first installed that version of ADW, i managed to replace in the first minute :D then i simply reinstalled the phone (i had to do it anyway, but it isn't a very interesting story). So, if i manage to replace the drawer icon with something else again, is there any way to get it back?
  3. 3G off always GPS off always Wifi if off by default, it is on for about 40-60 minutes/day Background light is on minimum usually Still image as background Automatic data off Only Cache cleaner runs in background, performing a clean on every day once (everything else is stopped in task manager) CPU is on default value (everything is on default value, no tweaks in Tom's latest CM6 rom) With these settings my phone's battery lasts for 15-25 hours only :D with a few short calls (max 6-10 minutes/day) and some received texts (1-3/day). If I do not use wifi neither, it lasts for 20-25 hours, if I use it relatively a lot, then sometimes my phone turns off before i would get home to charge it. Long story short, i have to charge it every night.
  4. It is enough if you open a topic about a question only once, please.
  5. Yes, it roots stock 2.1 also.
  6. I think that will be it: http://www.mediafire.com/?1argf36qt73roj3
  7. Hi, do you know any app like MarketEnabler, but to fake installed softwares/hardwares instead of faking the provider? I mean if there is any way to see all apps in Market, even if they are not compatible with our phone. For example i've never found flash on market (I do not know if this because we do not have official Froyo or because of our hardware). Of course i know that it does not work with pulse, and others that i do not see would not work neither. But is there a way to see these apps in Market on the phone also? (Not only in the web market) Thanks in advance.
  8. It boots for me fine, however after that there are not a lot to see :) I get a black screen with the working status bar after the android tutorial (that FCd before it's end :lol:) USB and Wifi seem to work, but there is no working desktop app, launcher yet. I installed ADW 1.1.5 (that is what I could find fast on my comp) that seems not to work at all ;). It got the boot loop after that. The theme pretty seems like the 2.1, not only because of ADW, but before installing it the status bar was the same also. Well, at the current status it is pretty unusable, however it really seems that the speed issues have been solved, at least what I could check worked quite fast. UPDATE: I managed to install a launcher, that allowed me to check other settings aswell. It seems that it is an early version of CM6.1, or i do not know. It writes in About phone that: Mod version: CyanogenMod-6.1.0-RC2-Pulse Android version: 2.2.1 Or maybe did something wrong. Will try again. UPDATE: Yep, I did something wrong. I did not manage to start it again, most probably i did not manage to install it the first time neither, it only got mixed with the old ROM (of course i did a full wipe), or something like hat i suppose. I am still waiting for a usable version :)
  9. And god created Clockwork recovery :P Just do a nandroid backup, and you can try it immediately without any risks. When you are done, just simply restore your backup, it takes about 2 minutes.
  10. You need adb and fastboot on your comp (with the relevant dlls. Most probably you can find them on your phone's cd, or just google adb or 'android sdk'). Get your phone into fastboot, and connect it to your computer. It is easier if you copy the img files to the same folder where fastboot.exe and adb.exe are. Open this folder in a command console, and type the following: fastboot.exe flash recovery recovery.img where 'fastboot-windows.exe' is the name of the fastboot.exe file, 'flash' is the parameter to flash the file to the phone, 'recovery' is the partition of the phone you would like to flash to, and 'recovery.img' is the file you want to flash. It is advised strongly to check the available parameters of fastboot (even on the internet) to make sure you will not do it on a wrong way, you should flash files to the correct partition (boot.img to boot partition, system.img to the system partition etc).
  11. I do not know if only my pulse does that, but getting into fastboot is a bit tricky: you need to hold red+volume down button when the phone is turned off, then to tap the power on button. The problem that i only figured out after about a week (of course it can be my own ignorance also :unsure:) is that you should only tap the power on button once very shortly, as shortly as you can, and you should not keep pressing it. Then after a second or two you should get the blue screen of fast boot. Sorry if it obvious for everybody and it did not help, but i was not sure about it B)
  12. The blue screen is the fastboot menu (you can access it with voldown+red+power on tap). There you cannot select anything, but can connect it to a computer, and flash data to different partitions. It is not for managing backups primarily. When you see this blue screen, you can flash a recovery app (clockwork or amonra, pick one) then you will be able to boot it (menu+red while booting). From the recovery app you will be able to manage your backups. I wrote it only in case you would really have a pulse, but you'd call it's menus and states on different names :)
  13. Well, 180 USD for this phone is not cheap to tell the truth. It is a rational price if the phone is in excellent condition. (I purchased my own pulse in may from T-mo for about $220-230, with pre-paid contract, and the turbo sim costed about $8 more. But since that the phone is not even manufactured afaik) If i were you i'd buy a zte blade, if you are thinking about a low-end android phone. In my country, in Hungary it costs currently $170-180 with a pre-paid contract, and it is much better than the Pulse.
  14. There is no official Android 2.2 for pulse. You can find a port of CyanogenMod 6.1 in this forum, that is based on 2.2. It runs smoothly, and there are only a very few bugs, it is excellent for everyday use (much better than the official 2.1). Theoretically it is powerful enough to run 2.3 (since the requirements did not change), but there is only an alpha port of this OS so far. It boots, and a few features work, but currently it is a techdemo that shows that it could work. The current officially supported Android OS version is 2.1.
  15. If Z4root does not work for you (from the market neither), then the easiest way to root your handset would be to install any custom rom. (JMOD, FLB, CM6.1 are the most popular ones). Please refer to http://android.modaco.com/content/t-mobile...e-owners-guide/ for more information.
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