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  1. If try one IR's newest kernels, or 9/17 kernel if might fix your Hotspot also. I notice my fix wasn't working on this newer update to 2.10. But once I switched kernels, it started working again.
  2. Here's the USB and Wifi-Hotbox fixed uploaded here to Modaco's servers. Nandroid first and flash to install. r24_Desire_USB_Hotspot_fix.zip
  3. I used services.jar (modified by eVil for Wifi-Hotfix) and wifirouter.apk from v1.18 of eVil's Desire Port based off, and used sng's sense_powermenu_rebootdlg_2.09.405.8 hack. Took a while to figure out how to get this combo working just right for the fix.
  4. Here's how I got my menu lights working. Previous post for some reason didn't work for me. How to get menu lights working hack: 1) Put "autostart.sh" file in SD Card. 2) Get "Root Explorer" from market and copy file from SD Card and past it in data/opt folder, copying over previous "autostart.sh" file. 3) Then press on "autostart.sh" and execute it. Menu light should work. autostart.sh<--------download If this doesn't work for you then that you need to redo the HBOOT on your Nexus One plus hack. I did this and it worked for me: Menu Lights Hack Full Tutorial for installing new HBOOT: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...amp;postcount=2
  5. Not sure, but it works on my baked ROM, but I'm also using newer IR Kernel. Don't know if that matters or not.
  6. Here's the USB and Wifi-Hotspot fix from my Hybrid ROM cooked here: Nandroid first and flash to install: If you like it Paul, add it to your kitchen! http://www.mediafire.com/file/4j6v6xfhhvoe...Hotspot-fix.zip
  7. You just reboot for it ti take effect if you have an ext. BTW, anybody get their Wifi Hotspot working? Anybody? I think it might be broken on this ROM.
  8. Man, don't know why but still a no go! I bet I have to tweek the settings on that script, but don't know what I'd have to change.
  9. Sweet. Where exactly did you put the script in Paul's Desire Port to make it work?
  10. BTW, fantastic work Paul on this port. But, noob question, what are the capacitive lights? :lol:
  11. Which one do we use? File Type: zip smooth-sense-1.0-1.0c.zip (2.56 MB, 1921 views) File Type: zip smooth-sense-1.0-DJDroid1.1-R1.zip (2.63 MB, 246 views) File Type: zip smooth-sense-1.0-MRCv5.zip (2.55 MB, 960 views) File Type: zip smooth-sense-1.0-pays_froyo_sense_v1.2.zip (2.63 MB, 183 views) File Type: zip smooth-sense-1.0-DeVillain.zip (2.49 MB, 49 views) File Type: zip smooth-sense-1.0-LeeDrOid_V1.4.zip (2.63 MB, 464 views) File Type: zip smooth-sense-1.0-pays_sense_v2.3-fixed.zip (2.73 MB, 122 views)
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