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  1. you need to download mobile sense.. get it HERE... Original XDA thread with Mobile Sense
  2. Thanx much... I will give it a try today.
  3. Hello, I am having trouble finding a working kitchen so that I may produce custom roms to my liking. The Roms here are great but they all lack one thing or another that I either need or prefer which causes me to either settle for whatever is cooked in or bloat my system with two or more programs that all do the same thing.. not ideal for an IT Specialist to have a slow phone LOL.. If someone would point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it as I am totally lost at this point. I have already tried several kitchens (or links to them) that I found here on this board as well as other boards but i'm still coming up empty.. At the moment I've been trying to install the kitchens using windows 7 ult x64 but Ive also tried installing on my win xp PCs as well but no dice.. my device is Samsung Omnia i910.. PLEASE HELP!! Thanks in advance DJRU5h Chef In Training
  4. @ pepperonikiller --- Pardon my noobishness but.... I have had my Omnia for about 2 and a half weeks now and I'm loving it my friend.. I'm also loving the assortment of custom roms that around. I'm currently running your most recent titanium rom and added my own custom Fonex and spb mobile shell themes as well as swapped out the startup shutdown and welcome screens. I would like to know if you could give me some direction as to where I may obtain a working kitchen (forgive me if i didnt word that correctly)? I have tried the few I have seen on this site and none of them work for me.. I dont know if they are outdated or what.. I have tried other boards' kitchen areas as well but nothing seems to work.. Like I said, I'm loving the roms but I would really love to be able to make my own custom rom stripped and suited to my individual needs. Any help you can give me with this would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks, DJRU5h Chef In Training
  5. First let me say good work on these Roms.. I have tried both the peplite v5 and the Peptanium ROMs and I think they are great. The only feature i am missing is the rotating screen. Is there any chance that you will be cooking this back in?
  6. I got my i910 last friday and I flashed DC22 yesterday morning and then on to 23557 last night. The difference is so drastic from the stock rom. This was my very first custom rom flash ever. Actually this is my very first smartphone so I'm really excited about all the little tweaks and such I can perform on my new WMD!! I do however have a really noobish question: Am i limited as to what themes I can use? I didnt even bother with themes after seeing that I was gonna have to flash my rom to dc22. Now I'm ready to see whats out there... Any suggestions as to where I may get some more goodies for my omnia?
  7. I had the same problem yesterday but I just kept trying to download them (for hours) until eventually I was able to successfully get one. I now have about 4 ROMs to try out and counting. I can't wait to find the one that's perfect for me.. Is it possible to perhaps get some of these ROMS that have been uploaded to 4shared dot com and create mirrors on rapidshare mediafire hotfile etc?? That would surely cut down on the unsuccessful DL attempts.
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