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  1. With so many Android phones being slated (and some being taken to court) for being "clones" of the iPhone, I think MS were keen to impress on manufacturers that WP8 phones should be DIFFERENT, and not just "Another OS on the same old phones", and I think they have done this really well. Zeb
  2. It sounds pretty good, and honestly, for something that's aimed at children and having a more robust frame, the specs and price are extremely sensible. My only issue with all of this, is that while my daughter loves my Android tablets, we really struggle to find good "fully fledged" kid apps for her on the market. Sure there are some little ones, but they rarely hold her attention for long and their educational value is usually zip. The clear exception to this is Zoodles: Kid Mode, but the huge drawback there is the need for a constant internet connection. Fine on a phone, but a pain on a WiFi only tablet. The alternative (and one that she enjoys) is the ability to go to websites (such as the CBeebies site) and play the Flash games available there. This can be a little hit and miss, and some of the games require keyboard and mouse to play, or flat-out don't like being played on an Android device, although a goodly portion of them work well enough. The problem here is that with device upgrades heading to JellyBean, easy access to Flash without hacking the thing to bits becomes problematic, and for this reason I have left my Moto Xoom on ICS to allow her to play Flash games without having to fiddle. The Nabi also appears to be on ICS, for this reason? Or will it receive and update and thus disable Flash? Couple this with no good way of filtering the Play Store to prevent children from downloading unwanted apps (but allowing them to download ones you want), as well as no ability to have multiple profiles, and the whole thing adds up to them not being 100% child friendly. BTW, my daughter is 3, so those of you with older children may not have these problems, but for me I want to control what she has access to without completely limiting her ability to explore. The Nabi appears to address some of these issues, but at it's core, still being Android, I'm not sure this is enough? Would have to get my hands on one to fully test, but my solution for now is that I have purchased her a VTech Innotab 2 (there is a similar device from Leapfrog). These devices also have issues, namely complete lack of WiFi, and horrible battery life (using AA batteries). But the whole thing is geared for her age group, does not rely on WiFi for games to run while we are out and about, and you can purchase fully fledged feature games (on cartridge or from their DLC store) which are both engaging for her, and long-lasting. Would still like to try the Nabi 2 out and let her take it for a spin, because it really does look like they have put a lot of thought in to this, and the size, strength and friendliness certainly seems to be ahead of anything else for young Android enthusiasts :) newbe5
  3. Well... Nice to see the old dog still has a lot of love ;)
  4. At a guess, you have the unit plugged in to the charger while doing this? There is a known issue with the standard charger that causes the the touchscreen to go "Whacky" while it's plugged in, registering multiple touch events for a single press. Unplug the charger and try again, it should be fine ;) newbe5
  5. Look, your absolutely right! Where in the hell did I break that? :/ lmao I take it all back, it doesn't work by default :P I'm looking in to it now :P newbe5
  6. Any site in particular? The tablet does render slower then a good speed laptop, but we're usually talking a second or so, not longer, is it taking a good few seconds to render a page? Or load it in the first place?
  7. If you are just running VegaComb b9 u3 then this is not required, VC does this by default without needing to run any scripts etc, im not sure why he's done this (but then a lot of the Honey Ice stuff is a little strange to me) but if you are running stock VC then it's not required. jayneuk: VegaComb is currently at Build 9 Update 3, but there is an "After VegaComb Patchset" created by a guy called Areo (separate from the main VegaComb build and not part of the TeamNewCo team), it seems a little complicated to me, and some of the stuff isn't necessary (I think in the earlier builds he broke some stuff that already works in VC, and is now fixing them in the newer ones), but it has had some good feedback and he seems to be doing well. My only real criticism with it is that the install procedure seems to be unusually complicated and I'm not sure why :P But hey, I just use VC Build 9 Update 3 on my Vega with the HDMI patch and DPI set to 160 and I love it ;) newbe5
  8. The app installation cache is on the SD card as standard on VegaComb. The issue you are having here is strange, you used ModdedStock v2 as your base before installing VC correct? Have you already installed a bunch of apps? Because you will only have about 170mb free for app storage unless you use link2sd and an ext partition on your SD card (which I would recommend), failing this I would do a full wipe and try installing again. newbe5
  9. Are we 100% sure that this is something that has changed in ICS? Has anyone tried compiling 3.2 from source (since these are now available) to confirm that the same issue isn't present in AOSP Honeycomb?
  10. I use UPNPlay and MoboPlayer, works a treat ;) newbe5
  11. If you have never flashed a Vega before or had the pleasure of fiddling with the NVFlash button combo to get it JUST right then I strongly suggest flashing now to avoid having to take it off them for hours after they get given it. VegaComb or Corvus5 would be my choices (... duh :P) just play with both and see which one you prefer! Just don't bother with the stock browser on VegaComb, install Opera Mobile and use that instead :) newbe5
  12. Link2SD is pretty easy, make an ext partition yourself (by formatting the SDCard in CWM) and give it a shot! I don't use the stock browser in VegaComb I must confess, it's a memory hogging beast. I use Opera Mobile (NOT Mini, use Mobile) and it's the best browser I have found. My daughter uses the Honeycomb YouTube App to watch videos rather than the website (why would you use the website instead of the app?). Hope that helps! newbe5
  13. My 2 year old uses VegaComb every day and it's rock solid stable for both her and me, requires only very infrequent reboots to sort the odd problem. She finds it easier to navigate than 2.x as the menus are much bolder and suited for the tablet screen (eg. YouTube). If you install Link2SD on VegaComb you can move any app very easily to the SD card to save as much space as you like (you will need to have created an ext partition in ClockworkMod first, this is easy but wipes the SD card), if you made your ext partition 512mb then thats TONS of space for apps etc. Hope she likes it! newbe5
  14. I haven't experienced this, but then I don't use the stock browser for exactly this reason, unfortunately it is one if the most memory intensive applications that comes bundled with HC, and 512mb just doesn't cut the butter with it in a lot of situations, but at a guess, there was a Flash update recently, this could have caused the issue to become worse? Flash is UGLY on Android, and although it works, it is a memory hogging beast. Couple that with the HW accelerated browser and your in for a tough time. My recommendation is to use Opera Mobile (NOT Opera Mini), it's different, but use it for a while and you will get used to it, I love it and use it on every single one of my Android devices. My only wish is that the icon wasn't so fugly :P On the Wobbly screen issue that the guy earlier posted. I also am one of the only other people who has this issue on one of my devices. I have a prototype P10 (Vega) model in my posession from before it was officialy released, it has a 10-point multitouch screen on it that is different from the released models one. On all 2.2/2.3 ROMs (as in, with the old kernel) everything works fine, but using the new .36 kernel, it doesn't. I REALLY haven't looked in to this (although I should :P) but it seems to me that there are additional screens that the TP driver can be used for, and in the original kernel these device names are listed, where they are not in the newer kernel. I'm gonna have a word with Cass or Eduardo (the resident kernel kings) and see how obvious this might be to find and fix. But unfortunately, with the ongoing work with ICS and the relatively few people who have this issue (2, now :P) I'm not sure how much time they will be able to justify spending on the problem, but I'll see what we can do ;) newbe5
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