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  1. can you mirror the radio(s) from another site? I'm unable to download any of them. Currently running Raidroid Telus ROM using default radio.... it might work with it but I wanna have it ready in case. Perhaps uploading the radio.img here?
  2. More excitement courtesy of Stephen!!! You're awesome!
  3. AHHH CRAP!!! That was supposed to be my sure fire fix, to go Dell Official 318.
  4. I have the exact problem as described and I actually mentioned it on the 1.6.1 thread. I've tried Stock and Dialer One and the same result. I've flashed using a different LCD setting (only because I found that some changes worked on some setting and some didn't), same problem. This time I've removed the 'noapps' option, still using Dialer One, and still no SetCPU installed or anything like that. Just to add, my solution to the phone slowing down to a crawl... when that happens I click on the power button (to lock the phone) and once it's on the black lock screen, I click the power button again to enable the screen. I find this works for me everytime without the need to reboot. (This issue is also existent when I was testing the official 318 build)
  5. +1 on both counts...I've reflashed 161 many times now and it seems to be better. Still getting FC though AFTER every call.
  6. 1) Im not sure what you mean by the 'Android' animation... but if you dont have the 'bios' in you install.txt, you'll have the default Dell --> Streakdroid by DJ Steve. 'bios' will change your bootscreen to the dos based bootscreen. 2) nothing to do with your SD card, run it again. I find the result improves after the 1st -2nd run. 3) Nandroid is best for me... you can also try Titanium Backup from the market.
  7. Thanks... I'm currently on 180 and I've also experienced this while on US160. I've just flashed the baseband again (Haven't done it since 1.5.2 so we'll see). So far my 1st test is ok but it was like that when I first flashed 1.6 and 1.6.1 and it doesn't start showing up until 2 days later.
  8. Hey guys... for all who are on 1.6.1, is anyone experiencing FC after or sometimes even DURING a call? Myself and a buddy of mine are experiencing this issue.
  9. just my two cents.... You know you want the Streak, hence the reason why you're here asking Streak-lovers to help you decide. You'll hear what you want to hear from us here because WE are Streak lovers. IMO, All you need to hear is from people who's gone through alot of phones and is saying that THIS is their best device by far. I know someone posted that comment, and I'm here to do the same. I went through the iPhone 3G, 3GS, BB Curve, Bold 9000, Storm 2, Xperia X10, Milestone\Droid, Motorola XT710, iPhone 4, even my beloved Nexus One which I considered the God of all my phones got replaced by my Dell Streak.
  10. When you get the Dell Logo with the exclamation mark, half-press the power button is what I do then the menu pops up ;)
  11. LOL Could've been worse... ;) Wife: "Who the F--- is Sandy?"
  12. It's definitely something you'd have to play around with your settings cause it SHOULD auto-rotate
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