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  1. I did like Dell's UI - however as people have pointed out it was a bit dodgy and didn't work very well AT ALL in portrait mode. If Dell's UI worked better in landscape then I'd be sadder it's not in 2.2. That said, the stock Android UI works fine on the Streak. I don't like swiping down to get notifications but I can live with it!
  2. Are you sure it can be accessed through iPhone if it's not working on the Streak? Apple use a Webkit browser just like the stock Android browser.
  3. Awesome - nice guide! Took a while but it works perfectly. Tasty, tasty Froyo <3
  4. Holy s***, I didn't even know what could happen. I've got a massive Gmail sticker on my Dell logo, so I imagine all the silverness is going to come off when the sticker gets too tatty :)
  5. I'd really miss the Dell statusbar on Froyo :) Is there nothing ADWLauncher can do to give us the functionality we're used to?
  6. Doughnated! I'd go for the iPad... but only because I already have a Dell Streak :P
  7. Have you all been trying this with the headphones plugged in? Most phones used headphones as the FM antenna.
  8. The Tweetdeck beta works beautifully following this 2.1 update. I wish it had a landscape multi-column mode but I guess they're not aiming for us "tablet" users... yet...
  9. ZodTTD on Twitter says to get a refund from the Market and buy from SlideME instead. For the record, I did exactly that and it worked a charm. Was playing FF7 in minutes :(
  10. Fring would occasionally and for no good reason murder my battery. Uninstalled that + it's fine :(
  11. kupo

    Awesome Drop

    Sounds a lot like Dropbox, which has an awesome Android client (but uses a dedicated app, not a website). It doesn't sync files to the phone though, just keeps them in the cloud until you download them.
  12. Refused to stump up £55 for the official kit, so I bought this off the market for £5. I turn it sideways and clamp it down on my Streak. Works a treat, and leaves the connector port open for when I find a working car charger. I can get about 4 hours of navigation out of it from a 100% charge, luckily. Also, Warpedflash, I notice you're going to Latitude. Gonna be taking your Streak? I just got mine insured (the people at Endsleigh had never heard of it. He said "What, Dell as in... computers?!") so I might take it for late night IRC/browsing sessions. Yes, me and my friends are geeks :)
  13. Concerning! I've used the built in alarm app every day for work and I've never had any problems. Are you using the stock app?
  14. Here's mine. I use ADW Launcher so I can have a portrait homescreen, and FancyWidget so I can tell the time in portrait :lol: It took a few attempts to find a nice layout that worked well in landscape too. The clock looks a bit odd, but that's ok (until Dell releases a proper portrait mode with the 2.1 update!)
  15. Oh sorry! I get it now. I don't get that. I've disabled my lockscreen so the power button unlocks. I guess you wear tighter trousers than I do.
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