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  1. Check out XDA forums for help. It's not bricked if you can get the samsung screen. Can you get into three button download? Hold volume down, home and power - does it give a yellow screen? If so, completely fixable!
  2. I have a Samsung Galaxy S. I copied the titanium backup files from it to the SD card in the SF/Blade. Restored the apps and app data (only the third party ones that I needed, no system apps or data) and it worked fine. There's no reason it shouldn't! Android third party apps to another android system.
  3. I got mine, activated it. No credit. Spoke to the lady on the phone, she said it'd be there within 24 hours. An hour later, got a text to say it'd be applied within 5 days. Five days later, nothing. Called again, promised by midnight that night. Even got a text to confirm. Midnight and the day after, nothing. I'd also phoned twice other times, asked to speak to a manager and they hung up. Got so sick of it that I've given up and used MCOL to claim my money back from Orange. Yes it's only £10 but I'm quite infuriated with the hours I've had to waste on it. They refuse to listen to me or let me speak to a manager, so this will get their attention!!
  4. Not sure if anyone can help, buuuut. Installed clockwork mod, and the r3 superboot and now this r4 ROM. But when I use recovery to try and partition my sd card to use A2SD, it gives me an error, telling me to check my phone's temp log file or something. Any ideas anyone? Thanks.
  5. JP6 seems to be the official one and more reliable. I've just removed OCLF and put Voodoo on. Lower Quadrant score but much snappier for general use.
  6. I'm using it. I used to use 2.1 JM8 + Voodoo + Tatuyama ROM. Now am using 2.2 JP6 + OCLF + Tatuyama ROM. Certainly slower but seems pretty good to be in comparison to older ROMs. The best time to check its speed is once supercurio launches the final Voodoo for JP6 to compare like for like. I do like the Froyo features though. Like using Power off to end call, update all market apps at once, and in particular the new gmail app which is far better.
  7. I used to use HVJH1 which was good, now with JM8 with voodoo beta4 lagfix.
  8. I don't know where I found these files, probably in a thread hidden away on XDA but looked again and had no luck! Basically, the attached zip file, unzip the files. Plug in SGS with USB debugging on and open the recovery batch file. The phone automatically goes into recovery. Useful if anyone is struggling with the three button combo! Recovery.zip
  9. Sometimes, when three button combo doesn't work, I plug my phone in, USB debugging on, and run a recovery file which automatically boots my phone into recovery. Easier than the three button combo. I can't find the files so I have zipped and attached them here. As far as up volume + home + power goes, hold all three and reboot. When the Samsung logo flashes, let go of power and immediately (within half a second) press it again. As soon as any funny codes come onto the screen (start of recovery) let go of everything. That might work. Recovery.zip
  10. When I had my Desire, I had never even heard of xda. Now with my SGS that's my main point of call rather than here. I am a big fan of Tayutama's ROM for JM8, seems very reliable and quick. I didn't even realise initially that I'd forgotten about the lagfix until I checked Quadrant score. Then I whacked Voodoo Beta4 on it and voila, is faster than my Desire used to be!
  11. As someone who has also paid, I think these are valid points, or refunds should be administered.
  12. Is not exactly difficult lol. - File onto phone. - Three button recovery boot. - Press ok to flash!
  13. An easier way I did it though I'm uncertain if it actually works. I copied the playlogos1 and userinit.sh files from the root folder back into the system folder using root explorer. I then factory reset and wiped cache via recovery. Seems to have done the trick. I installed voodoo fix after this and that ran fine! Hope that helps.
  14. Been down all day from what I can gather. Luckily I got on this morning and got the URL for the voodoo lagfix.
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