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  1. That's what i thought... but UK seller, delivered in two days and they seem to be at least as good as the supplied one (early hours yet though) I'll let you know what the calibration gives compared to my original one.
  2. Thought I would share this nice find. I wasn't too sure about it, however the seller confirmed they would work, so i took a punt. 1900mAh Battery x2 + Main Wall Charger for Samsung i9250 Galaxy Nexus They fit perfectly in my O2 UK version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus One in my phone right now, the other in the wall charger. So they aren't NFC's... but I am thinking a tenner for two batteries and a charger, cant be bad. I'll keep an eye on the charger so it doesn't burn my house down. I am running a calibration using Battery Left PRO, to see how it compares with my stock battery. My stock has 25hrs full life eBay link here
  3. Could anyone please gimme some help? I have previously rooted/unlock, however after the recent samsung/google volume patch, i have lost root. what's the easiest way of doing this again please? (without wiping) I am still unlocked. Thanks in anticipation sorted - i just did it again - d'oh
  4. have you check in data usage? check that you havent clicked to stop the market using data when not on wifi
  5. yep, I agree i have steered away from the IC Sarnie launcher and gone back to ADW launcher. There you can do the old long press on the homescreen and they you have your widgets in on long quick scrollable list.
  6. Samsung Distribution is stating that units are currently being ‘flashed’ to fix any issues – deliveries should commence in the week commencing 28th November. Please note this is information from Samsung Distribution and not Samsung directly If you have any queries please email us on [email protected] Handtec’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus page http://goo.gl/4Nzf5
  7. Adobe Flash and BBC iPlayer isn't compatible, according to the market. I guess this is the apps, and not the device.
  8. What are your first thoughts guys and gals? I have had mine for a few hours now, and just getting to know it. Its a very quick device and stylish device and I am impressed. I think the main thing I have to get used to is Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). I have lost a few apps, for example BBC iPlayer. The market tells me these are not compatble with the GN (or is that ICS?). Which I guess (hope) will come soon as the app is updated. I am looking forward to tweaking it to my taste and seeing what it can do. I love a new phone :)
  9. I phone O2 online, and ordered at 8am. Mine due for delivery tomorrow, how exciting
  10. i have still not found anything worthy come on manufacturers, release a decent Streak replacement !
  11. if you ask in the Dell Streak 5 area, i would think one of the cats in there should know
  12. Nexus Prime seems interesting Link --> http://www.ADVERT LINK REMOVED.com/news/Nexus-Prime-what-we-know-and-what-we-dont_id21594
  13. o2 UK have emailed me saying I can get a new phone next month.... What next for me after the mighty Dell Streak? Does seem like 15mths Any suggestions? I haven't seen any phone which entices me Any promising phones coming out which will be a fitting replacement for the Streak? Any suggestions? Your thoughts, as always, will be appreciated
  14. Ask them, if they tell you they were/are new ones, put in a complaint... you would likely get something for your trouble. Especially if you catch them out by proving they were refurds
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