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  1. its not just wifi don't work, nothing works except you got sound
  2. Use the idroid rom from this forum, it help me bypass the calibration or else it keeps loop and loop there is no way to get pass it as my screen digitizer is faulty too. I think Samsung i900 is the only phone that have faulty digitizer after sometime i don't see any other phones with this problem.
  3. Depends on what rom you using but by selecting anyone from your contacts, you can see theres a video call under options or menu
  4. Only almar and the dev team from i8000 android can help so just pray
  5. Hi Yonn, Still the same stuck at step 1, downloading 100% and it just stop there, i plug out already but now my system does not reconized my phone anymore as in activesync does not connect. Restarted many times already. Btw i did a hard reset as advised by someone here but still youtube does not work, it keeps give me the same error: Unable to find the required codec to play this video. Can i update without activesync reconising my phone? Thanks
  6. Hi yonn, Stuck at downloading image 100%, issit safe to plug it out now? Based on build 23152, M2D Black Sense - Intial Release: Thanks
  7. Yes i've done that using youtube mobile 2.4.4 now, its able to load but when i want to watch any movie it will have that error.
  8. Hi, I tried afew roms but all have the same problem, youtube does not work. It can search for videos but when trying to play all have the same error: cannot find the codec to play this video Is it that i900 cannot work with youtube? my old omnia i8000 does not have this problem Thanks
  9. Can anyone help? i am using the droid rom but the youtube keep showing this message: cannot find the required codecs to play this video and i tried installing youtube from m.google.com same problem. Anything missing from this rom?
  10. Hi the Droid rom cannot play youtube anyone have this problem? error: cannot find the codec to plaay this file
  11. Winmo is dead i guess not the hardware :huh: look at apple appstore and android market and then look at our appstore lol
  12. 3/4 phone length usually but depends on how big i want the projection to be
  13. Hi, you can use those projector guides it's the same concept just that the we already have the source omnia 2 = (lcd + bulb). You should reset your values to 50% and work from there adjusting only brightness and contrast nothing else. Adjust brightness first until u get a very bright source then adjust the contrast till its clear. I use only 1.box 2.lens 3.omnia2, you could try 2 lens if you want the setup should be omnia2 > magnifying glass > lens but you need to keep adjust all 3 till you get a clear picture as i don't know how strong your lens is but seriously 1 lens is enough. Good luck cheers
  14. Hi, your 1st picture settings look just the same as mine, maybe you try another lens? that's the lens i use i ripped it off a used binoculars hope this info helps. i can't take any pictures of video while projecting as i said i only have one camera which is this phone sorry. cheers
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