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  1. HI Paul maybe you can tell exactly what or exactly where the WIFI is BUG? Since many also have the BUG can not and 2.03 back.
  2. Paul makes it and wait for nothing but just a little it is, but even if it was not then Android is 2.2 for Legend
  3. Do you think this method? But it was not for Desire and Legend. Actually, I'm willing to try it out. Can the Paul integrate in the next root and is known simply 43.0003?
  4. I'm ready when the new ROM first try. With the new <HBOOT> 43.0003
  5. Works: perhaps for Legend? Link
  6. Question: How does man back to bootloader 43.0003 -43.0001
  7. Yes I can turn on WIFI but .... nothing happens. The same critical problems I had with Officiel OTA update. Then I rootet Legend Live Linux R1))) And then it went away. Only yesterday I was stupid as RUU exe started ..... and since I have no WIFI. In the photos you can see my version.
  8. Have tried everything without success
  9. Gold Card does not help. If indeed early in R1 but it works now Error 43
  10. Here are my photos of the HTC maybe I overlooked that ...
  11. Have come to the conclusion that it is up to the 43.0003 and is known. Do you need root for Bootloader 43.0003
  12. After I removed the cable "Main version is Older"
  13. I can only use this RUU_Legend_HTC_WWE_2.03.405.3_Radio_47.39.35.09_7.08.35.21_release_130330_signed otherwise error is 131 or 140
  14. Hall people'm new here and my English is poor. Have a little critical problems. Have Updated my HTC Legend RUU_Legend_HTC_WWE_2.03.405.3_Radio_47.39.35.09_7.08.35.21_release_130330_signed exe and since I have no WIFI. And root is not, always comes FAILED (remote: 43 main version check fail) The real critical problems is the WIFI I would be happy again. Gold card I have. HBOOT 43.0003 :) Please give me some advice
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