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  1. which rom? and where do you see that you have 5% steps?
  2. * Update 1.3a fixed issue where 1.3 won't boot for the first time
  3. seems that 1.3 won't boot up at first time, flash 1.2 first and then 1.3, I'll fix it.
  4. CM 7.2 crw-rw-rw- 1 root root 240, 0 Jun 26 01:00 diag
  5. do you need them? then you should know how you install them.
  6. You have to download MT Control separately, I'm using CyanogenMod 7.2 ;)
  7. It's not a touch recovery, it uses the basic navigation modes: Volume Up/Down Camera Button Power Button The same as in AmonRa ;)
  8. the modules are needed if you want to use cifs and tun services, when you don't use these services you don't need them ;)
  9. CWM from ICS-Source: DOwnload - softkeys are not working. Thanks to vache and Lens_flare
  10. * Update 1.5 [REVERT] updated source, to fix wake up issue
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