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  1. just re instsalled windows. this worked perfectly, saved me alot of time, thanks!
  2. works fine for me, I got it through the android market website! love the game tho
  3. nice work. Ive fancied changing the screen on the vega because thats the only bit that lets it down just never wanted to waste money getting 1 that wouldnt work. If you can get a resolution boost as well as better viewing angles that should be great Never done it but i think you can edit the screen resolution in the build.prop which is located in /system partition which should be simple to do think that will work can you post some pictures if you get it working
  4. I Imagine it will thrash the vega because no doubt it will have a better build quality and be alot more friendly to the average user. Plus Amazon will market the tits of it also its running 2.3
  5. add.thebad

    music beta

    yeah pm me your email and i will invite you you will need to sign up through a proxy tho so it thinks your in the US
  6. works nicely, very smooth and glad that badword anoying slowwwww screen off animation has finally gone! dont like the new buttons tho
  7. add.thebad

    broke my vega

    is their any visable damage and i dont think their are replacements :'(
  8. definatly vegacomb it has the ausus time widget seems to run smoother than mine tho :D
  9. its allways nice to see you device at the top of the list isnt it ! :D
  10. chrome isnt in android its totally different they just both built on web kit
  11. It does chaange to a ginerbread layout but yhe status bar is white. Just reminded me how much better hineycomb is Like mintvilla says it so they can have one os for phines and tablets and as andy rubin says they took a shortcut to get it out on time which i buess it tbe phne bit which we will have ti wait to see in ice cream sandwich
  12. Make sure to wipe b4 you flash I must say thus beta1 is brilliant and very usable , thanks :-)
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