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  1. Hey, I just bought a new phone, Thanks for everything. My 2 year journey with the Omnia 2 has come to an end. Will only be using this as a backup phone now. The wonderful android experience has made me buy the new HTC One X. Thanks once again to all developers and support community.
  2. yes same for me. Sometimes it doesnt find signal on some boots. If it doesnt, I try tapping on airplane mode a few times (but it stays on 'disabling' like yours and doesnt change). Then i reboot (sometimes once, sometimes a few times) it will boot up with airplane mode checked... and i uncheck it and network turns on. Only major hassle for me. I have noticed tweaks make a HUGE difference to speed. Much less lag. Dont know about the apps (chainfire, sd speed, minfree), havent particularly noticed much difference, but it hasnt slowed my phone down either. So i keep them. I too have used launcher pro and adw launcher ex and think they are the best. Currently on the later because i have a bit more control and prefer its themes.
  3. Thanks for the tips. Ive done most except for 4,5 and 6. I'l do it now. Also I've switched to ADW Launcher Ex (Paid) from Launcher Pro. I find it to be snappier, plus i can put an ICS theme to icons. Yep, ICS is too much to ask of our devices.
  4. No problem. Just wanted to make it easier for people to find the tweaks without going through page after page. Ideally i wouldve created an update patch with all of the tweaks, but then i wouldnt be acknowledging the tweak owner's adequately. Because the props really go to the people (including you) who took the time to tweak and share their modifications. I can now use android daily with only occasional freezes. You mentioned more tweaks. Do you have any more finished tweaks to share?
  5. @lilfarhad94 Try doing updates one by one and rebooting. Isolate where the problem lies. Make sure ur not copying over param.ko in modules and make sure ur deleting dalvik-cache after updates. It should work. @nikkotsoi. I did have electric sound with music, prior to updates. Appears to be worse for higher bitrate songs, so i assume its a problem with reading android and music files off SD card at same time. Im going to be transferring my music to My Storage and getting android to scan that directory. But with new update the songs play fine most of the time with only intermittent problems when im multitasking on the phone. So not a huge issue for me. @aeg. Format with minitool partition wizard. @marciosironi. Get Root Explorer. @killoper. Yes, just look elsewhere on this forum, plenty of guides to install in My Storage. @Ercanpolat. If no signal or airplane sign but airplane mode is unchecked... Try turning on and off airplane mode. Then rebooting. I am successful when i reboot phone and i see airplane mode is checked. Then i uncheck and phone signal turns on. Its a bit tricky.
  6. Here are the basic steps that I do. You can apply the updates to the install package before you install but this way is simpler for most people. Install Android on SD Card: 1. Format External SD card as primary fat32 with minitool partition wizard (windows) 2. Extract contents of cm_beta2.zip to My Storage 3. Run androidinstall.exe from o2beta folder in My Storage (will install android) 4. Run haret.exe from My Storage (will run android for first time). Once android has loaded up do the following... Apply updates (I use ADB, because its quick. But i suppose you can use also use Root Explorer (free app) to delete/copy files): 5. Kernel has two folders called 'modules' and 'sdcard' --> Delete everything in /modules directory in android, and then copy everything in 'modules' folder into /modules except the file param.ko. --> Copy zimage in 'sdcard' to My Storage and replace the zimage there. Note: If you start haret.exe from another location, then you should also copy it there and replace the zimage. 6. JonathanRasaTweaksOmnia2.rar and download just the tweaks file (NOT the framework-res and bootlogo.rar). It has three folders called 'bin', 'etc', and 'xbin' --> Copy everything in bin to /system/bin --> Copy everything in etc to /system/etc --> Copy everything in xbin to /system/xbin 7. Framework.zip is to fix call waiting problem. Has file framework.jar --> Copy framework.jar into /system/framework and replace the existing file 8. Services.zip is to speed up boot time. Has file services.jar --> Copy services.jar into /system/framework and replace the existing file 9. Delete everything in /data/dalvik-cache 10. Reboot phone immediately. It will take more time than usual to start up, dont worry. 11. If no phone signal, rename cm_update_wm.sh file in My Storage to cm_o2_update.sh then reboot twice. It will revert to windows phone signal part. 12. Install Chainfire3D. I downloaded it on my computer then copied it over to install. Just google it, its a free app. --> Within the app, install CF3D Driver (it will automatically reboot) --> Install Chainfire3D app again if after reboot you dont see Chainfire 3D in app drawer --> In Default OpenGl settings check 'Reduce texture quality' and 'Reduce texture size' 13. Install 'Minfreemanager' and apply settings you want (or use preset). 14. Install 'SD Speed Increase' and set to recommended level (dont know if it really works though) 15. Install 'Swapper for Root' or 'Swapper2' and put how much swap you want (i dont do this though) 16. Update Market if you want 17. For smoothness and battery life i also disable auto-orientation, decrease brightness, turn off all animations, and switch to 2G Thats it. All done. Android is super quick and battery life is around 2 days. Only problem I face is it has no phone signal on some boots. I fix this by trying to toggle airplane mode (doesnt actually change) then reboot. Then again trying to toggle airplane mode and reboot. Usually on second boot i am successful. If anyone knows the solution, please tell me.
  7. Ok. Haven't been on this thread in a few months. Just updated to the latest version and was wondering if this is the optimal android set up (i.e. fastest and longest battery life). 1. Wiped SD card, and installed CM Beta 2 2. Applied the Kernel 3. Copied the Tweaks 4. Installed Chainfire 3D and reduced texture size and quality 5. Battery saving measures: Turned off animation, decreased screen brightness, no widgets, 2G..etc Anything else that I can or should do?
  8. I have a suggestion to make if im not overstepping my mark. Since gingerbread is laggy and not in the foreseeable future. I wanted to get the gingerbread screen off animation in this CM6 froyo build (As current screen off dimming is laggy for me). As luck would have it, there is a thread on gingerbread CRT animation for CM6 devices. http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1073930 It requires those files that he has modded to replace the source CM6 files before compiling. I have very little dev experience, so i was wondering if someone could do this and see if it works on our device. Who else thinks it would be cool?
  9. I would like to make a suggestion. Would it be possible to remove the 'dimming' of the screen that occurs every time you turn off the screen. Its hardly noticeable, but the screen does fade out when you turn the screen off. I feel it causes lag. Also the power off menu has blurred/dimmed background. Long pressing home screen for widgets does as well. They definitely have considerable lag when doing so. Is there a possible fix? I know other roms (on other devices) have disable blurring of background to increased performance. And ive never noticed a dimming prior to screen off on other devices. Would definitely be a performance improvement i feel.
  10. Yes, thats what i meant by fresh install. Formatted 8gb Class 10 Microsd card as primary fat 32. Deleted past beta files on My Storage. Then installed as it says on readme (copied over new files to My Storage, executed androidinstall.exe.... then haret.exe after reboot). Added WPA2 network. ...Obtaining IP address....Disconnected....Scanning.... After Turning off Wifi and turning on...Scanning (Network - Out of range) I dont know what's wrong. Tried static IP, but with no success. I'm going to mess around a little more with it to see if i can hopefully fix it. PS. Its a Netgear WIreless G access point. EDIT: Read on the Spicagenmod page to restart with wifi on, and it worked!!
  11. lol yes i know you have to add it manually. I have many devices connected to via wifi (other android devices, playstation, desktops, laptops) and none have a problem. Just when this device connect, it finds it the first time i add it but cant authenticate. After i turn it off and on, it cant find the network (out of range). I formatted my sd card prior to install. So its fresh install. But if you are getting connection on your hidden WPA2, then i do not know what problem is. I will reinstall and try again.
  12. i can guarantee that wifi does not work for Hidden WPA2 network. just does not find it or does not authenticate. I see someone else mentioned it, theirs is probably hidden as well. Otherwise i can see no other reason for my wifi to not work as other WPA2 works. il get a log up soon.
  13. For performance: Turn off screen rotation, and all animations. Also install get an app killer widget so you can manually kill background apps when you need it. Try to minimise installation of apps that run in background. Decrease number of homescreens (max 3). For battery life: Use juice defender to manage battery including disabling internet connection on screen off and switching to 2G on screen off. Set default screen brightness to low. Use Set CPU profiles to manage CPU max under certain conditions e.g. screen off.
  14. Great release. Much better than past froyo releases. Cyanogenmod is very useful especially the widgets in the notifications bar and customisations in settings. I installed on a formatted SD card. Had a few freezes within android after first few boots but now it is alright. Camera works for me fine. Receiving calls is reasonable. It rings on the first ring, but takes 2-3 seconds for screen to turn on. Thats not too bad. Prior beta releases only started ringing 3-4 rings in. Here are some answers to what others have enquired about: 1. To make time visible - go to Settings>SpicagenMod settings>Interface>Status Bar>Clock colour and change it to White 2. To make clock to correct time - install Clocksync 3. To change keyboards, dont use Settings. Go to a text field > long press > input method > choose input method Problems: 1. Headphones dont work (as mentioned before) - must fix this soon :) 2. Wifi does not connect to WPA2 network. Tries to authenticate but does not connect (tried static IP and no success) 3. Leaving wifi on drains battery very fast 4. Haven't figured out how to get Apps2SD (but i dont really need it) Still have to check battery life (although standby appears good) and GPS. My boot time from haret to android lockscreen is 2min and 53 seconds. Nothing to complain about (but past beta's were around 2 minutes).
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