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  1. Got my SGS now and I really like it. rooted it installed lag fix and quadrant comes back faster than Ive ever seen it. whats the best ROM to use atm?
  2. Pleased to report I'll have my Galaxy S soon Sold the Desire for £280 bought a Galaxy for £289 sweet! So that will have been Iphone 3g, Dell Streak, sony x10 mini pro, HTC Desire and finally Samsung Galaxy S Using a Sony Erricson crud phone inbetween I really hope I like it :lol:
  3. Cheers I'm pretty sure its the phone for me. Whats the build quality like? I've heard some bad things. The Desire is a quality piece of kit so I'm not expecting anything of that standard
  4. Hi, So far I've had a Dell Streak, Sony X10 Mini Pro and a HTC Desire I really like the Desire but have discovered a few big problems that I simply cant live with Namely terrible multi touch support that cant even handle two fingers and a bluetooth stack that wont let me connect a wii remote to compensate for the crap multi touch. So I'm now looking at the Galaxy S as a possible next phone. I see its rootable, and flashable. I've seen a vid on youtube showing off five point multi touch :lol: Are there any annoyances that a potential buyer might want to know about before getting one? Also does anyone want to swap their unlocked/o2 Galaxy S for an unlocked HTC Desire? Cheers! EDIT: oh yeah...whats the lag issue?
  5. Hmm got an 8gb card in and still no joy with the market :)
  6. Hi, I've just got myself a x10 mini pro 2nd hand. It came without the microSD I think the chav I bought it from kept it for her nokia. While I wait for my new one to arrive I've tried installing some apps from the market (ebuddy, facebook and some other stuff I wouldnt expect to use usb storage) Trouble is nothing is downloading its just stuck on starting download. I've tried clearing download manager and market cache. Tried over 3g and wifi. Am I being stoopid here thinking it will work without a USB storage device? PS really liking this phone. Just downsized from a dell streak :)
  7. Sold it for £307 in the end and got myself an X10 mini pro for £130 from gumtree. Gone from one extreme to the other :)
  8. You know what they say.... ....The bigger they are the harder they fall
  9. Yeah I saw that. Mine has a nice case :) EDIT: also I dont have a zero rating
  10. Is £350 too much or does everyone on here have a streak already :)
  11. Great device but its just not for me. I've decided to get something slightly smaller and more practical If anyone is interested 16gb o2 Dell Streak with all the usual gubbins plus a leather effect wallet case. I'm based in Nottinghamshire and would like £350 for it will post in UK for free once payment is received. Cheers
  12. Anyone in the UK want to swap their Galaxy for my Dell Streak? I need something a bit more practical
  13. I use swype in skyscraper mode(portrait) when I'm doing text entry its the fastest most accurate way I've found I really like the look of Blindtype though
  14. It was the X10 mini interface I liked its real snappy I've played with its big brother the x10 and that is nasty
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