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  1. my battery got worse after 9-10 months (need to charge twice daily to prevent flat-out), then just got a battery replacement from ebay. it is working reasonable again.
  2. yes, it is workable with the stock ROM. but you need to follow the instruction as below.
  3. hi, for the pre-installed ROM, u may check the below site for other ROMs http://www.huaweidevice.com/worldwide/down...p;softwareName= it used to have many different countries ROM, or you may try the custom ROM. for the Android Market, were you able to access Android Market while in China? may be you didn't provide the GMAIL account to log in to the Android Market... my wild guess.
  4. hi, Any good software suggest for Missed call indication function, since Pulse mini does not have LED. Thkx.
  5. thkx, i always wanted to uninstall all those useless pre-install programs.
  6. this 8110 phone does not have autofocus. i took it to repair and the repairman told me that. beside the box said FF camera (fixed focus my guess).
  7. I thought I am the only one with the paint chip.... I would wait until all black paint are gone and pretend it has a silver colour outter ring... ha ha.
  8. when i try to use it for bar-code scanner, i found the camera can not auto-focus well to the bar-code. so, has this phone got the auto-focus function, or just me...??
  9. just found another problem: i connect third party headphone to listen to radio... fine (using headphone), but with SPEAKER mode ON, only very very weak sound coming out. however, if i use the original headphone, it's radio SPEAKER mode is working fine!!! try to pull out the third party headphone jack a little bit, still no good... :lol:(
  10. try copy a ringtone or delete a ringtone in phone memory... i couldn't.
  11. just got the 8110 back, they said that it is a software problem not hardware.
  12. i installed "shake them all" live wallpaper, it is very good. better than i expected.
  13. try slideIT from MARKET. (same as SWYPT).
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