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  1. Hello, I am not an expert but I can give you the next suggestion: You must have on SD card these: 1) FAT32 PRIMARY 2) ext2 PRIMARY (1GB) 3) (not necessary) swap linux logical (32 or 64 MB) Now JUST WITH ROOT (and for you is not a problem because you already are rooted) you will install "link2sd" and the first time that you will launch it , link2sd will request you to create a script to use ext2 primary. You will choose correct type (ext2) and then reboot the phone. Open again: link2sd --> settings --> Installation position --> select "Internal" (sorry if I don't remember english menu voices but i use link2sd in italian language!) In this way the programs will NOT be installed in FAT32 partition, but the ext2 partition is used as internal memory! Now open: link2sd --> settings --> select "autolink" . With this operation every new program will be directly linked just to use the minimum of the flash memory. You must REMOVE all the applications that you want to move in ext2 partition and then you will reinstall them --> installation will be in ext2. You can check memory occupation , now it will be more. Use "ROM Toolbox lite" to remove application of the provider installed in ROM (need root!) The last: after that applications are linked with link2sd, select link2sd --> settings --> other --> clean dalvik-cache After this operation you will have more internal memory (40-80 MB more) bye
  2. First of all: try to go in Settings --> Wireless & networks --> Airplane mode Select and then unselect Airplan mode option and wait if provider services work. In other case: I think that your installation had some problem. I can assure that if the installation is complete your phone must have provider services working. Probabily some module is not untarred correctly or completely. You can try to untar again ext4.tar.gz overwritten actual installation files. If after this, it is not working again you will need a new clean installation.
  3. After 7 automatic installations not working (all times android restarted automatically in a endless loop after no defined time!), I tried to install android manually and now it is perfectly working!!! I used some english tutorial to write a new one version for italian users. This is not for automatic installation but to personalize partitions and manual extraction files. Surely installation with linux is not a problem for linux users but many persons have not these knowledges, so I thought to give help them. In the next the italian Tutorial for manual installation: TUTORIAL INSTALLAZIONE ANDROID B7610.pdf I think it could be used by no italian people too , because there are images and linux commands are the same in all languages. This is the "startup.txt" file I used: startup.txt Good android to everybody!
  4. You could try to switch on display BEFORE to disconnect power cable. Try and check if in this condition (display already ON) your B7610 freeze or works correctly. I think that it should be a corrupted file that in sleep condition creates this abnormal block, but may be in wake up status it does not freeze. I had observed for 2 or 3 times your defect but it was random and I was not able to repeat it. When I restarted phone (soft reset) it worked with no problem for undefined time. In general these faulties are generated by not correct installations
  5. yes it works, but I don't know why it is not woking since first connection....some connection is necessary before to have PC requests to install Android Driver
  6. It is 6 times that I reinstall starting with clean condition and the problem is always the same (after indefinitely time reboot with endless loop in logo condition) ! :-( Now I installed the previous version (CM6.1.1 Beta1) and it rans since 2 days with no problem or faulty ! So I can confirm that problem is NOT my microSD card (I udes 3 sd cards to be sure no hardware faulty) I will try to download again files for installation because maybe the problem is the package that I am using. @crazyhorse78 Is it the problem present since first installation or after some day of uses? I never had that problem....for me it is a bad installation and you need to reinstall in clean condition The MyMemory could be corrupted and so during installation some file unpacked in ext3 partition of the SD remains corrupted. Try to format again MyMemory in FAT32 logical to be sure Bye
  7. It is the fifth time I install Cyanogen Beta 2 and after about one week it started again with an endless loop in boot (logo condition). I tried to install "Kernel-B7610-REV105" but no change...infinite loop! I am not able to start again android! The microSD is new and I made a sector check to find problem...result is always NO ERROR. The problem started during Juice Defender Ultimate configuration...phone rebooted but not in WM but directly in Android with logo. I made many times the soft reset but the blocking condition does not change. Any idea? Searching on google I found this: for Cyanogen installation for Android ROMs it is necessary to make a wipe procedure : - wipe Data - wipe cache - installation CM by SD - wipe Data again Wipe is made in Recovery mode... but for B7610 ?? We have not an Android ROM and so we have not Recovery menu....or yes? In every case every discussion found on internet describes that "wipe" solves my faulty : endless loop in boot.
  8. Yes, sorry, I correct me for my mistake. Tethering is not working directly on mobile but I confirm that PDANet is ok and permits Internet sharing on PC. Surely if you need to use directly tethering , you have not the possibility. You should install before PDANet on the PC that you need to use. @forwardland the system should be already rooted but you can just add the file attached to have superuser access (for example you can check in terminal digiting "su") Put "cm_o2_update.tar.gz" file in MyMemory and then restart android. It will be installed and your android will be rooted. su.zip
  9. Yes it works... - install adb drivers for samsung on your PC - connect B7610 , it should start driver installation for the new device try to install PDANet 3.02 on your PC and then connect B7610 to have usb driver installed correcty. I used already tethering but before you must have correct drivers on PC or it cannot be working
  10. yes, I will try with another SD, I have 2 microSD availables. In every case before to have problem with beta 2 I was using CM beta1 with NO problem on the same SD that I am using now. Every time I format completely the SD creating Primary Fat32 partition. In the fourth installation I tried without "Kernel-B7610-REV105" but after 2 correct start up , android does not start again and it was stopped every time to "android omnia II loading". After "Kernel-B7610-REV105" android started again to work correctly. Now , after many hours I have again the continue loop problem...I am not able to have android working and to extract logcat. I tryed to reinstall other update (for example su.zip to have SuperUser in terminal) but there is not solution to exit by loop Now I will try with the other microSD and with beta1 on the same microSD always used with no problem.
  11. I installed yesterday "Cyanogen Beta 2" and then the "Kernel-B7610-REV105" but after some hour there is always the same problem: phone reboot and it starts to have endless loop...the boot image appears, there is the vibration, some seconds before to start desktop , 1 second with black screen and restart again with boot image....and so on... I installed all three times with clean installation: - twice endless loop - ones with continue freeze after correct start up of Android: normal operations (open one program, push to switch off display, push to HOME.ect...) create freeze with vertical lines....only solution soft reset. It seems as some corrupted file. Now I am installing (by clean condition) for the fourth times...so stressing to update contacts and all everytime.... :-(
  12. Retry : - delete all partitions with "MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition" - clean MyMemory deleting folders and files of Android - try again to transfer in MyMemory o2beta folde, ext4.tar.gz , haret.exe, zImage - launch androidinstall.exe file in o2beta folder........wait...... system must restart after about 5-10 minutes - in WM browse again in MyMemory and CHECK if "startup.txt" file is present , in this case you can select haret.exe and wait other 5 minutes the first boot! - When system turnon the first time, restart in WM immediately, add cm_o2_update.tar.gz and zImage in MyMemory and lauch haret.exe again - wait the second boot and then restart immediately in WM other time....verify that cm_o2_update.tar.gz file is NOT present in MyMemory (if it is not present , it is installed correctly!) Now you can boot again android and all must work. If some problem is present , the installation is not ok, and you need a new clean installation. Bye
  13. ciao scusa, leggendo tra le centinaia di email non lette ho trovato questa:

    Avvisiamo che per problemi di dominio (Account sospeso)


    Grazie per la comprensione!

    Lo Staff iPmart-Italia

    Ho provato a collegarmi all'indirizzo che dicono e funziona, scusami per il disturbo



  14. maybe bad installation? Using Android since many months I can say that many persons said me that the volume of my voice is really low! Is there some solution to increase its?
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