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  1. Yup, it's possible to S-OFF the Desire GSM :) I did it about a month ago. Anyway the MoDaCo ROM and forum for this phone is rather dead, so I suggest you find somewhere else, such as xda-developers or cyanogenmod. They can offer you a lot of help. Like he said, you just need to download UnrevOked and run it with the phone plugged in and debugging turned on. Rooting the Desire is riskfree now, and has been for long - but at first it was very dangerous and required hex-editing etc. (Which was great fun for me to mess around with :P) Good luck finding what you are looking for :) If you are interested in installing an "Icecream Sandwich" (ICS) ROM you can find a very fine one here http://sandvold.as/ - So as soon as you feel comfortable with rooting you should most certainly explore the ROMs that are available out there. They will for sure increase your experience with the phone :) Just bear in mind that there is no guarantee that anything will work - such as the ICS ROM doesn't have any barcode scanner functionality yet.
  2. Sure... Although I believe I should make a new topic and kill all the other ones.42turkeys ain't answering my pm's anymore, so he ain't gonna update the main thread anyways.
  3. Good news everybody! (Said with Prof. Farnsworth's voice) I finally managed to recreate the script and upload it to my backup host - the backup of your ID's have been loaded, and I spent some time making it prettier to look at. While coding it from scratch again i decided to use MySQL this time, which i did so we are now running on SQL instead of a text file :P Appearently my VPS host didn't have in mind bringing the service back up so it's now hosted on my webhotel, and a backup copy of the database and script will be kept somewhere else (Which i forgot the URL of right now) So, the new script is here: http://www.zeroyear.net/linkgen And a quick list of changes summarized: Changes: 1. Since I did not completely rewrite the script yet, spaces are not automatically removed. 2. The script WILL NOT accept your whole link anymore, same reason as for change 1 3. The script is now based on MySQL instead of writing to a text file. This makes it compatible with most webhosts so i can set up a backup 4. NEW DESIGN! I managed to put together a page design, so it does indeed now look a lot better. 5. The report link function was removed, it didn't work, and I had nowhere to put it. Yet to come is: 1. URL checking. (I'm not sure if it will work, but there is an idea about how to do it) 2. Restoration of some old features like automatically cutting away the URL
  4. Hi there :) I recently purchased a PPTP VPN, mostly for my computer, because I generally don't like that my school knows what I'm using the internet for. So I set it up on my laptop and it works just fine. Now I want it on my Desire too, but the problem is, that my password is a randomly generated one (12 characters, upper + lowercase letters and numbers) and it is not possible to change it at all. This password takes quite some time to type on my phone, so if there was a way to make the phone remember the password too, instead of only the username, that would be awesome. Besides, if that is possible, is there also a way to make the phone establish connection to the VPN once WiFi is connected?
  5. Whoaah! I'm in love :) Seriously, I want the Desire, but it's sorta wasted money buying a new Desire for the color only :-/ I believe the Desire would look nice in black too :)
  6. I am aware that my webhost is down at the moment and has been for a while now. All I'm told is that they are experiencing technical difficulties. Although they should be done during the next few days. I will later add a backup of the link generator to my other host.
  7. I'm making a quick tutorial in a while :huh: Just have to run through the process to make sure i tell you the right way ;-) EDIT: Here it is: 1. Download, Install and Run DiskImage as administrator. 2. Take a raw copy of your SD card like this: Choose a location to save it, just save it on the desktop or something. This usually takes quite some time. 3. Unmount and shut down your phone, to switch the SD card with the new one 4. Import the data you just saved this way: Now you are in theory done, but you might also want to make the rest of the card usable, so you will have to move and resize the partitions. You can do this by following this guide. It is in danish although Google Translate makes it somehow understandable ;) How to resize and move partitions What you want to do in this program is, to choose the SD card, move your A2SD partition all the way to the right by dragging it, then extend the other partition to fill out the rest of the space. Then press apply and you're done.
  8. @Choccy Make a ghost drive and copy the whole partition table, just remember to extend the FAT partition. That's the ->BEST<- way, although I don't know of any simple way :huh:
  9. Your finger doesn't make any significant scratches anyway. If you rub it against a metal edge, an InvisibleShield won't help you anyway?
  10. Why did they even replace AMOLED? I mean, I thought it saved power having the monitor do the lighting itself? It's also a lot prettier :huh: As he said, since AMOLED doesn't need backlight it would be the same as a turned off screen. If it's LCD it'll need backlight and the backligt will be on even though the screen is completely black.
  11. I too was surprised when I one day thought, wtf, I haven't charged this thing for several days :huh: I have WiFi on at all times and then sleep policy to go off a few minutes after I lock the phone. Automatic backlight. Data off. Ready to recieve calls and MMS. Changed to the standard wallpaper, just the non-live one. Synchronises once a day with Facebook, Twitter and Google. I don't know either how I reached this battery life, but that is the reason I'm not gonna wipe till I know why ;) It's about 2.5 days as it is now ;-) 3 days was the peak.
  12. I wrote this under the Stock ROM believing it was this ROM. Please add the stock music player to the kitchen, I hate the Sense one like the pest. I would really update the ROM if people didn't report huge battery drain, I just got satisfied with 3 days of daily use :-/ EDIT: Why would I not want to disable IPv6? I didn't think phones supported this anyway. In case it's just for WiFi, it's hereby disabled, as I have no IPv6 adress on the router XD
  13. Uhm, could you please add the stock music player to the kitchen..? I hate the Sense music player like the pest.
  14. Done :huh: By the way, I'm not subscribed to this thread as it would just spam my inbox. If you send me a private message about a bug, I will be notified and probably fix it within a day or 2 ;) Not true, it contains just about 200 entries, it's just a bug I forgot to fix :( EDIT: Summary: - System excludes any ID's that already exist in the database. - System excludes any ID's longer than 16 characters (None are longer than 14 at the moment, but just to be sure) - System excludes any ID's shorter than 6 characters (Again, safety margin) - If there is spaces in the entry, they will be removed by the system - If you post the full adress, the system should now take care of cutting it down for you, although if I made a small spelling mistake it will just say it's too long. - Fixed some struggle making new lines in the text file. Thanks Google :D
  15. Erm, if it's the bloatware you hate, bake a ROM without it, or remove it all after installing.
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