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  1. gustavo zaera

    Here's how to configure adoptable storage on your S7 / S7 Edge

    Hi there! I had the adoptable storage working on my S7 Edge until I got it back from repair. Now, I am not able to set the adoptable storage by following Paul O'Brien's howto: I simply get this: hero2lte:/ $ sm list-disks disk:179,0 hero2lte:/ $ sm set-force-adoptable true hero2lte:/ $ sm partition disk:179,0 private hero2lte:/ $ sm list-volumes private mounted null public:179,1 unmounted 6F61-FE60 emulated mounted null hero2lte:/ $ sm has-adoptable false I have tried everything, from wiping the SD card on my linux laptop to formatting it with my laptop, with the phone and through adb. No luck. Any suggestions are highly appreciated! :)
  2. gustavo zaera

    Problem with Galaxy S7 Adoptable Storage

    Hi there, I am experiencing the same thing after I got my S7 Edge back from repair. Any news on this? I have tried everything in the guide posted by Paul O'Brien with no luck:
  3. gustavo zaera

    [PC Application] GoldCardTool

    Works on my HTC Desire. Thanks a lot, mate!!

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