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  1. wanted to try Mdj Droid L0.0, but the link is dead. :angry: would be nice to have another link...
  2. Why do people always whine about it. What is the point really? Piss off the developer? And what good does that do? Just sit tight and wait. How hard could that be? I want my Legend rooted too, because i bought mine in Australia, had no choice to do anything but wait.Yet i didn't whine. I sit and read the fourm almost everyday to see how Paul goes. Having trouble to wait? Then you should consider to buy a desire instead. No offence to anyone.It is just my own opinion.
  3. I would want my Legend to be rooted too since i bought the legend in Australia, i didnt have much choice, because i cant downgrade the software version. But no one seems to care about the legend.
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