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  1. Hi peeps, long time since i've been at this... and i don't use the Acer much, however I needed to use this again and dusted it etc. I have a newer version of the Phoenix build - probably the last one he's gonna do - it's mainly bug fixes and some performance optimisation... Are there any users still using this ROM and if so - shall i upload the August 2012 build ? Not sure how the english language packs will work though... ??? What do ya thinks?
  2. I beleive there are quite a few posts below (or two that i've found) that have them... e.g. http://www.modaco.co...p/#entry1954426 Ta
  3. Hi chaps, not sure about the problems you've mentioned... key thing is to have latest radio/bin OS_Acer_4.002.14.EMEA.GEN1.bin and also do a full wipe... Currenlty there are no new Roms released by Truecolor -- when he does I'll post it here iA :P I've been using this 2.1.20 without any issues at all...but decided to use the ICS rom for a while... Thanks
  4. Works o.k. for me, i've uninstalled apps such as Nova launcher etc... what are you trying to do...?
  5. Don't know if others are having this issue... but regular emails (not Gmail) don't seem to get downloaded when setup to check for every 15 mins??? When I check it manually then it get's them??? Thanks
  6. What apps do you have running normally? I've messed around with EasyBatterySaver?? which does help but seems to kill 3g/wifi too intermittantly... My batt lasts a full day with about 30% left doing calls, emails, surfing... streaming tends to kill battery life...
  7. Do you mean the "smileys" ??? or somthing else? Generally text messages only send text...
  8. Yeah i used that for while but found that the phone got too laggy... plus not sure if battery was being affected by that, so i'm trying it without for now thanks p.s. Me thinks we is close to calling this a BETA !!!
  9. This Alpha 36 is absolutely great!!! Can be used as daily rom for me...:D one issue dunno if it's common is the "long range sensors" .... er sorry, the proximty sensor does not work during a call... that old chestnut?? Thank!
  10. The default slow speed for CPU is set to 128Mhz which can cause some "lagginess" espcially on startup and when loading new pages etc.... I use SetCpu to increase min CPU to 248Mhz and Max CPU to 998Mhz... runs like a dream with no real -ve on battery performance... hope that helps? Thanks
  11. MIUI normally is released every friday, this is a weekly development version. Relative to the development version, there is the stable focus more on stability, the upgrade cycle is normally about once a month this is the 2.3.7c (c= 3rd official version) of the Ginger Bread build. ...
  12. Hi All, Updated first post for new build 2.1.20 (2.3.7c) ... hope you like it :D thanks
  13. o.k. I was trying it with 3G connection... did not work.. tried with WiFI and it works! Sorry if you already knew that. Cheers
  14. Feedback...on Alpha 32 1. Much better UI operability - still a bit laggy though 2. OC'd @ 998MHz helped smoothness on UI 3. Still get the last screen "issue" so you have to pull down status bar to get a screen refresh 4. Could not get a decent connection to Mobile network, it kept connecting and disconnecting repeatedly... 5. The occasional reboot... overall much better than previous builds Great stuff, thanks Edit: After about 5 reboots I've got mobile network connected fully... I don't know if it's go to do having WiFi turned on as well...?
  15. I personally don't get these issues now... but, I've stopped using Google Maps - when it went to V6 it seemed to hammer battery... and also last few releases of Adobe Flash it went a bit wacko. On the call front the screen goes off when it's at a certain angle... just check it when you're on a call that the screen does go off... So for me not using Gmaps or sometimes the old 5.x version GMaps, the battery always lasts over a day... one thing you could try is Easy Battery Saver from market... i tried this and it does increase battery by about 30 -50 % more, but it had a bug that regarding the 3G/Wifi connection so i stopped using it.... Thanks
  16. Totally agree with you Paul. This is more ominous than we think... Hope these bills do not get passed as they are unconstitutional.
  17. Today in about 20 mins, sorry for the delay... been busy :rolleyes: You can get RE in english in most other roms or other places... however the delete button is the first one in the drop down list if you're stuck with chinese...:D EDIT : New release updated... see first post...
  18. Hi Dario good to see that you are back... My post was posted before Suxsem told us that he's cheking it out... :P Here the link to all those who need to get the file as posted by Suxsem: http://android.modac...ost__p__1883605 Would be great to have this on first page... cheers
  19. Seems like someones forgot to renew their uphero.com account... :( Website not responding...
  20. Yes, Thanks to thepasto and others who've worked on this! Did anyone get keyboard issues with the offset typing in Aplha27? or was it just meeee? thx
  21. a couple of points... i could not see the filemanger... also keyboard is quite difficult to use, as you have to press above the key to get the one below... interesting...
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