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  1. Rather be an Autobot than a Decepticon :P
  2. Settings -> System -> Mobile Network Settings -> Access Point Names either edit the ones you have or press /Menu to add new one...
  3. Had a problem with MIUI 1.8.5 LF version, when got a missed call the message envelope was flashing... Tried the phoenix/truecolor build and the led works as it should ...
  4. Hi, does anyone know how to increase the number of rings before the call goes to voicemail/missed call ? I get about 4 rings before this happens - I remember seeing an opition somewhere in some rom (possibly CM7) can't seem to find it MIUI... Any ideas? Cheers
  5. Been using the 2.3.4a build for a few days now and it's seems like battery life is better by about 20% ... no real issues found so far except some of the lock screens did not work...
  6. MIUI 1.7.1 from Truecolor: http://www.multiupload.com/JR0I19N3ZK English language pack: http://www.multiupload.com/QDAZETUSYC Flash ROM in recovery with sign check, after doing a full wipe Reboot to allow setup scripts to do their thing Flash language pack in recovery no sign check and no wipe Reboot Enjoy EDIT: Updated english language pack 1b: http://www.multiupload.com/XETJHT4NWB
  7. that's been fixed since the 1.6.x builds...
  8. You mean the "prox in the dark" issue? Also lens_flare did you see the patch from Truecolor re: vibration settings (maybe only affects chinese language) ... i don't get that issue but just in case someone does...
  9. Found one issue so far with 1.6.24... when making a call in the dark - screen does not come back on so you can't hangup... you have to turn the lights on... I guess proximity sensor is not coupled with the light sensor for screen control during a call... :) Edit: Youtube link showing off the new lockscreenz... enjoy
  10. oops my bad. Still got no performace issues so far... and your right I get about 65mb free :)
  11. @Lens_flare I deleted the themes, a few apks etc and other stuff so i get around 140Mb internal ram free. MIUI android put their new lockscreen in /media folder which i don't use as it goes into phone ... i put it on SD
  12. I've got english working great with the 1b fixes from MIUI android team... This time Superuser works in english as well :)
  13. MIUI 1.6.24 from truecolor is up in the usual place. Guess what? I don't get no problems so far! First time ALL my settings from my carrier including voicemail are setup automatically... plus new lockscreens work without any messing around. Awesome Truecolor Thanks a lot buddy :)
  14. Yes, it is! Also FYI the superuser changed in june from the ChainsDD version you've posted as fix. MIUI now uses it's own version which ties into the firewall and other apps, so you've go to stick with "blue SU" for most compatibility... There is translation issue with this so it's best to use the Blue SU chinese version, this also checks other apps not just the root ones. Cheeers Edit: info about superuser from miuiandroid.... the SMS and Phone bugs have been fixed now, it just gives info about SU changes "A lot of people have been posting in the forums regarding reboot issues with the latest MIUI ROM. Basically if you did not already know, MIUI China introduced a new permissions management system into the ROM a few weeks ago, starting with the Phone and SMS permissions functions, this was then extended to the Superuser.apk as a method of License / Trust management for applications which access the SMS and PHONE functions. As a result of this new security feature people have been having issues with third party applications such as WhatsApp, YahooIM and other third party applications. The issue being reboots on devices when receiving text messages or phone calls. For each application in the list you need to ensure that the setting is ‘Allow’ instead of Always ask or Denied (Obviously the latter is inadvisable). By allowing the applications ‘Allow’ this solves any reboot issues caused when receiving messages or calls. Post in our bug forum if the problem persists, also try wiping Dalvik-Cache and standard Cache to remove any other possible causes for reboots or FC (Force closes)."
  15. @ truecolor... it was great when you'd put up the english versions in the first post, are gonna please do that again?
  16. Yep, reflash the old chinese SU as in post #1603 by zorghino... Also if you are going to upload a new english pack please update this with latest fixes 1b from miuiandroid, also you don't need to include a build.prop just delete this from the lang pack as well... thx :) edit: english lang pack 1b http://www.multiupload.com/6UXEC2UMQM with superuser.apk fix, media removed so takes up less phone memory and tweaked for liquid, flash on 1.6.17 after a clean reboot...
  17. You need to remove superuser.apk from the lang pack before you flash... or read #1603 a few lines above :)
  18. Truecolor 1.6.10 3rd version http://www.multiupload.com/RNC1G1SUS3 with new boot.img etc. Also english language pack updated for the Liquid http://www.multiupload.com/RNC1G1SUS3 this has the SU changes etc. You need to:- 1. boot into recovery and wipe all, data, cache, dalvik 2. flash rom 3. then reboot to let chinese version do it's thing 4. boot into recovery again NO wipe and install english language pack Thanks truecolor for a great rom ;) Cheers p.s. wating for your next awesome release 1.6.17... love the new lockscreens
  19. I've been using the phoenix 1.6.10 3rd version (dated 12 June 2011) with the process as spec'd by Lens_flare to convert to english and it's the best MIUI by far.. For me, everything works. BT, Wifi, GPS, MMS, 3G etc. and no FC's The battery life is good, lasts 1.5 days with regular use. Best of all the new sensor fix by Truecolor in this makes this work just as good (if not better) as stock rom, no more getting stuck with blank screens after a long call, also it's instant on/off! And yes, the loss of signal after a call is fixed now, so no more turning data on/off by hand...and the annoying loss of signal after reboot is also fixed so reboot as many times as you need, no probs. ;) this was due to some issue regarding carrier name... @lens_flare, some of these fixes are in the new boot.img from Truecolors rom, so I don't know if you'd want to update your 1.6.10 ?? Anyway thanks Truecolor and Len_flare for a fabulous ROM!!! and also giving the encouragement to try stuff out :P
  20. this is an old problem... but i think Truecolor has fixed it now Len_flare... FYI there is an update on truecolor's bbs page with patches for proximty and also losing signal after reboot, i've not tried this with oyur version yet but aim to do so ... it'd be great with all these fixes :P thanks
  21. This problem is caused by the SU in the original build is (newer/different/etc.) so when the lang packs update this they use the traditional SU, so they clash So you can either delete the superuser.apk in the language pack before you flash it and stick with the chinese one (which is not that difficult to use). Or uninstall the one on the rom (might have an icon which shows SU not installed) and then re-install via market... Thanks
  22. Thanks a lot, will do... On my one i had some gps issues plus a superuser mismatch... i'll give up on that and try yours thanks again ;)
  23. Good news about the themes, compcache and other bugs! So, you get this mms.apk bug as well... i thought it was just me ;)
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