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  1. thanks Dario, do you mean dalvik.vm.heapsize= ?? in the 1.5.13 it's set at 48m so this should be set at 24m ?? cheers
  2. I think it's just compass, proximty works o.k. (using LF version)
  3. that's strange about the "no signal" do you think this could radio related? I'm on 05.01.05 and no probs on reboots etc. (yet) Also this is the first time i've used 2.3.4 rom and the mobile data reconnects automatically after a call :unsure:
  4. Have you tried the Truecolor build? I'm currently running LF and it's great with no issues at all!!! Thanks Lens and thanks Raj for the theme link :) Edit: the only thing i do miss is the Appshare :unsure:
  5. I don't think compass works on any GB rom, so must be a driver issue... Also after 20hrs+ use seems 1.5.6 runs out of free ram, which is great shame for us peeps who don't switch their phones off! :unsure:
  6. I find that booting up with charger connected produces very strange results as mentioned in the above posts, i.e. no service and FC's on the home screen. also battery died overnight, 1st time for me in so many months of testing various roms...
  7. Is it me or that the 3g/data disconnect after call still happens? I know Truecolor said it's fixed, but I'm still getting this... anyone else? Thanks
  8. Yes, 1.3.5 is froyo and yes it's the best one for 2.2 etc. :mellow:
  9. What!! that's great man :o, I'm willing to learn some chinese and try this rom out... thanks edit: I've heard that android 2.3.4 is out... :mellow:
  10. I went away for few days and lost track of that with all the updates. Is it still the cm7.0.2_1.4.25_liquid_oldsensor.zip or are there patches? Sorry to trouble you on this, I wish Koudelka would used his "reserved" 2nd post for all the testing/dev stuff Cheers
  11. @ Doc Robert: Is there an update of this to CM7.0.2 ? Apart from the Light sensor not working this is the best CM7 port (by amper) I've used to date :o Thanks
  12. Yep the music app seems to get stuck on scanning SD card, however i can still play mp3 via the widget...? Also the auto brightness is kinda wierd, it seems to be very erratic ... used to be better before thx
  13. Battery drain still not as good as the 2.2 MIUI, but so far o.k. I'm testing on the 4.002.14.EMEA.GEN1 base as there were some rumours the VFIT rom sucked more power... not to sure about that though... Sorry I don't use app2sd :mellow:
  14. I must say that this MIUI 1.4.29 from Truecolor seems very good, stable compared to last weeks attempt. Proximity sensor seems a bit sluggish but is useable, i find it works better when you have the phone almost horizontal when making a call... go figure! Anyway Truecolor great work! Also glad to see Master_T problem resolved with the Acer drivers and also Lens_flare's contribution. @Lens_flare: did you have the MIUI time fix to fix the am/pm on the lock screen or the status bar? To me lock screen time does not show that, but status bar does Thanks p.s. Wifi, 3G and not losing data after a call work excellent.
  15. Did you try the one from Truecolor to check the differences?
  16. Yes, speed is awesome @ 1Mbs! Did you get to fix the loss of data/3g after a call? Did not see this mentioned in the changelog. Cheers
  17. Yes! looking forward to it. I hope all sensors work great and the "losing data after a call" is fixed? Thanks Dario :o
  18. FYI - I have A1 (256) on the 05.01.06 Vfit base, running plain truecolor 1.4.22 without patch. I don't use any apps2sd stuff. Works great. No reboot when plugging/ unplugging usb. 3G data great. Light/Prox sensor work o.k. Battery life is the best so far on MIUI... Only slight issues I've had is when charging the screen battery icon sometimes stops the animation and shows full even though it's at say 82% etc. Edit: Connecting to PC is fine via usb, but I don't use that to transfer files I find the builtin FTP server tops! Thanks
  19. Thanks alot man. I'll try that when the next lang update comes :(
  20. Thanks for the work dude. If you get the framework fix, it's the best option than having some mix of language etc. I tried this a while back and failed, so I could not get Roggins fixes into the language build. If you do this it would be great and also if you could document what you did! Cheers :)
  21. Works for me. What are you using Wifi, 3g etc. i had issues with Wifi as i'm using surfcontrol and the web filtering causes issues with Chinese charcaters and i would get FC's on theme manager..
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