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  1. Yep. Correct me if i'm wrong but all 2.3 do that... :)
  2. Hey Doc, how's about putting this in its own topic? About to try this out. much thanks
  3. I've been on the 4.008.08.EMEA.VFIT for all these MIUI's and all is pretty good and no FC's or reboots etc.
  4. +1 Plus mine charges in a few hours as per other roms, the only thing i've done is cleared battery stats when flashing... don't know if this makes any difference... So to summarise great battery life, easliy lasts a day with WiFi & 3G plus using emails etc.
  5. thanks alot! it was taking ages to get from the bbs site... Edit: Truecolor just put up the full eng 1.4.15 thanks dude!
  6. This does not have all the apps translated, such as browser and calendar, so you'll need to get these from another source... Thx Edit: Also Trucolor/phoenix has released chinese version on http://bbs.gfan.com/android-513572-1-1.html site. Hoping to get full english build soon, I do like the new updated UI in 1.4.15 :)
  7. This was a bug in MIUI and seems that it's fixed in the 1.4.15 build see changelog excerpt ... Phone: - Add new dialer switch - Proximity fix for blackscreen when trying to end call(s) - Optimised the contact log records and time info - Call log optimisation of time of call records ... etc...
  8. @lens_flare thanks for the workaround re: backlight toggle, works great. To do this you need to go to settings -> display settings -> advanced mode -> screen dim level -> and set this to 20 (default)... thx :)
  9. I think Master_T a few post above had this issue and did a full wipe (data/cache/dalvik...) and then reflash... see above
  10. I don't get that at all, did you do a full wipe after your issue with the black screen ?
  11. Just tried the new 1.4.8 english build... seems auto brightness is on full...
  12. I believe phhusson managed the rhobuntu on the liquid... see
  13. Yes, mine is... what bits not in english???
  14. @Truecolor thanks for the missed call led patch, works great. One small issue, when you get both a missed call and a SMS only one led lights up, whichever is first. still not bad. looking forward to your english release... Thanks
  15. Good news, Truecolor has released a patch to fix the missed call / sms led issue. with this fix you get the message led for messages and missed call led for missed calls, as it should be. One issue though, if you get a missed call and a message, only the first event causes the led to light, so you don't get two leds flashing as per stock... enjoy http://www.multiupload.com/PPSBRU5O90 I've tested this on the 1.4.8 from MarkII and works fine
  16. post 595... this is mentioned a few posts back...
  17. Yep, happens after a call ...
  18. i did a full wipe for the update...
  19. This seems much better than the 1.4.1 and gives more free memory. No problems with market all works really well. I do like the new SMS application... WifI, 3G, BT all work great. Only issue for me is the loss of 3g data after a call... must a Gingerbread bug as it happens with CM7 as well. Also status bar is a bit messed up when you pull it down, but this is just cosmetic thanks
  20. Yes, this one or you could use the CM7 / LeoGingers one ...
  21. yes, i've got this with the 1.4.1 MarkII release, best way to minimise this for me is to leave WiFi enabled it seems to help the mobile data reconnect...
  22. Just when you thought it was safe to... After using this rom for a while, it's been great but have noticed the old mobile data bug coming back, that it disables after a call or some random time... a bit like the CM7 and other 2.3 roms. However when I did not flash the BT fix, the mobile data did not drop out, so gonna go back and use it without BT fix... @MarkII is it possible just to have the BT fix, without the other WiFI and other fixes in the patch? Cheers
  23. Did you press dismiss button? If it's what I think it is...
  24. Maybe it's me, but I get great battery life... plus the sensors (light & prox) seem to work ok. Not as smooth as stock, but o.k. I've also turned on monitor power usesage as per your (markII) sugestion which seems to help. ...???... just going to switch off the enforce proximty sensor to see if that helps...
  25. What colour did you change it too? I've only seen the missed call light flash when getting messages. Thx
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