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  1. totriz

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

    Having used my s4 for a week now, I concur with the reviewer. All the software bloat makes the phone feel cheap and slow. All the Samsung features seem gimmicky and I just use smart stay sometimes, but I could live without it. It's sad to think that this phone will sell too well while offering a bad android experience to the vast majority of its buyers. I already rooted my phone and removed every app that I could with titanium backup. Changed the launcher for nova launcher, and now at least it works as it should. But not everyone can or will know how good this phone can be with the right software. Right now I am waiting for the Google edition. I have the 9500 (octa core) and have very little to no chances of having a stock Android experience on this version. If there's no 'clean' rom for this version of the phone, I will sell it and get a HTC one.
  2. totriz

    Android 4.2 - are you finding it buggy?

    I don't have ANY issue (apart from the december 2012 bug in contacts) installed a stock/rooted 4.2 on my Gnex over the previous modaco custom rom (clearing cache & dalvik) ran for a couple of days without issue, then installed the 4.2 MCR (again, clearing caches) and had no issue at all. battery life is about the same for me when using the phone, and WAY better in sleep (connected to wifi) tested bluetooth with my headphones and no problems either. I think all the bugs may be because an incompatible app or cooked/custom rom setting. I like my rom as stock as possible, usually modaco custom rom with menu button mod and trackball alert. I always had a bad time with heavily modified roms and apps that dig too deep into the system, they all made my phone worse in the long run and forced me to reflash.
  3. I'm buying for one reason: price I was going to wait until the next nexus (and hope for HTC) but the price of the nexus 4 is low enough to make want to switch from the galaxy nexus's crappy camera, screen and speaker. I will not buy a non nexus device (unless it has stock android on it), so the galaxy s4 and the next htc flagship device are out of the question for me.
  4. I like the search button, every app has the search button in different places, if they have it, I prefer to have a dedicated search button on the same place every time. Saves me time and effort in remembering or searching for the button on the app I'm using. It's the same with the menu button, it's not needed, because every app needs to have a settings button now, but I still use the invisible menu button every time, because it's always in the same place
  5. totriz

    Be careful with tweetdeck! over use of data

    I uninstalled it 1 day after installation. Left my phone around 80% charged at night, and in the morning it was at 20% with tweetdeck using the most battery and downloading 50+MB of data. I have a 200MB data plan so i'm quite pissed that I have less than 40MB available for the remaining days in august. I guess that's the price to pay for trying beta software.

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