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  1. Hey everybody! Before going into the "baking/downloading/flashing" process, I'd like to know if there is a multitouch issue in this rom. The 4.0.3 rom I flashed is fast and reliable, everything is working really great, but in games like GTAIII, Shadowgun or Reckless Racing 2 (etc...), the multitouch is broken as soon as I plug the charger in... Please could anyone with one of these games installed tell me if this bug is occurring on Ir11 ?
  2. Are you sure you uninstalled the Market ? If flashing Google apps didn't work, it's maybe because it's just frozen.
  3. Do you have the pro version of Titanium Backup ?
  4. This is a custom rom, it needs custom updates. If you want to update to stock Gingerbread, do it from stock Froyo : nvflash-stock-rom-release-v10b. But I'm pretty sure it won't come before september. Go to contacts, "menu", "more", "display options". Sim should be at the bottom of the list.
  5. Paul, I had a "black screen of death" today, the second one since I've had my phone, and both on Fr19. Here's what happened, hoping it helps : I managed my contacts on Gmail (website), and when it synced on my phone I turned wifi on. After it was done, I turned wifi and the screen off in a row. A short time later, I received an sms. When I pressed the power button, the screen remained black. But I have Button Backlight Alert installed, and set to have the buttons' backlight brighter on notification, so I noticed that the phone was still functioning, as the buttons' backlight intensity was changing. Then I tried and swipe up to unlock the screen, and felt the haptic feedback meaning it worked. It reminded me of a problem with my previous phone having no backlight when rebooting into recovery, so I looked at the screen under direct light, as I used to do when experiencing this, and then there was sil... errr... ADW. I was able to swipe screens, so is BSOD just a backlight issue ? Not really, because I tried and shut the phone off, and after showing LG logo, it got stuck with buttons' backlight on and nothing more. Something maybe interesting : I removed/replaced the battery and booted, and wifi was still on... Another issue : about a week ago, my phone suddenly lost sound and landscape mode... a reboot fixed it.
  6. Gr1 is coming, let Paul work on it, I don't see the point of asking for news about it every single day.
  7. http://android.modac...ost__p__1754697
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