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  1. hi, any update regarding this rom? is it stable to install? another thing. i have hi10 pro (dual boot) and removed android and now have only windows10, how to install TWRP to install the rom?
  2. hi, i always shutdown my phone when i sleep, when i had a nokia, i always setup time and turn it off, when it time of the alarm it ring even it's turned off. now this feature is not working with the original b7610 clock (that what i know and tried). does anybody knows an alarm app that work even if the pfone turned off?
  3. can u guys post some images to c it before flashing?
  4. thanx folks ... we are waiting the guys to finish ... hopefully very soon ...
  5. Hi all, i was wondering if Google Android OS be installed on my Samsung B7610? yes or no, if yes, how and where to download the roms. your help is appreciated.
  6. One question: whats the difference between the full and the megalite ??? does they differ in applications or ram or other issues?
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