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  1. Hi! I had the same problem, and i solved it by flashing paul's kernel, which flashed the recovery also. Since then, i can enter clockworkmod recovery without any problems. I don't know why rom manager didn't flash it, or what it did. because when i rebooted into recovery from rom manager's menu, i got into it. But when i issued a reboot recovery in adb, i got stuck in the samsung recovery (don't try that :D ), i couldn't even boot the tab... strange thing... EDIT: flash modaco custom kernel r3 via ODIN. i forgot to mention ODIN :D
  2. Forgot to write yesterday, that the flash succeeded. \o/ I'm so happy finally :P I was scared to s*** for an hour, but now everything is fine! Thanks for the great ROM Paul!
  3. Please help me! I rooted my tab with z4root, and installed rom manager, and flashed recovery using it yesterday. I got into clockwork mod recovery using rom manager's "reboot into recovery" option successfully. Yesterday i wanted to flash this rom, so i connected my tab via usb, and issued the "reboot recovery" command using adb. I got into a "android system recovery - Samsung recovery utils" screen, which looks like the one on my htc desire (with no recovery flashed) where i need to choose "apply sdcard:update.zip" to get into recovery. But on my tab, no matter what i select (tryed reboot system, and apply update.zip) i get into a screen with a big white triangle, and a "!". I turn it off, and turn it on, it goes into this recovery screen again. I can't get into download mode either, because no matter what i press, (vol down and power or vol up and power) i get into this recovery. what can i do now? any ideas ? I'm not a complete newbie, i flashed my desire 1000times but galaxy tab is new for me. EDIT: i managed to get into download mode, don't ask me how, i was just trying and trying... So now i started to flash the modaco kernel, to flash the recovery, and it is currently doing the backup before converting to ext4. I hope it will succeed ........ :crossing fingers:
  4. I'm not sure, it is the ROM. Unfortunately, or sadly, i think it is our batteries giving up... I tried 2-3 ROMs in the last weeks, and i got the same result... about 8 hours of battery time. The usage is pretty hard though, streaming radio, browsing, playing, tweetdeck on 12 minutes sync, mails each hour, sometimes it doesn't even take 8 hours to drain the battery (i use it constant 4-5 hours). I don't know how many times such a battery can be charged, and discharged, but i'm almost sure i charded mine about 5-600 times already... I was able to kill my thinkpad's battery in about one year also... I feel the same thing now with my precious Desire ;) Maybe it's time took for a replacement.... Although: bash-4.0# cat /sys/class/power_supply/battery/health Good [/codebox]
  5. I was trying oxigen too and the only Showstopper for me was the phone. I was not able to turn the volume down. Did you have the same problem?if I'm on minimum,it is still so loud like on loudspeaker.first it wasn't a big problem but after 5calls... what the Fu**? The other thing was the "lock phone after" setting.it is not there. I'm looking for a solution to set this to more than 15 minutes, but it is not even there. Otherwise it is a really a nice rom,but at the moment not working for me... If you know where to set that lockout time limit,please share with me!! :-)
  6. I solved that by baking a rom without maps, and I installed maps from the market. It is updateable now...
  7. FINALLY! \o/ This is what i was waiting for :lol: It gives me the feeling of having full control over my phone. I used a virtual machine, and it worked fine. The manual didn't mentioned it, but i had to reflash a ROM after it was done.
  8. You should check on XDA. I've found a kernel module and even a GUI to mount and umount shares. It's great!
  9. Hi! Do we have a working dropbear for Froyo ? The one i was using on Eclair doesn't seem to work. It just exits without any error or output. If someone is using an ssh server on Froyo , please post some hints where i can get one! Thanks!
  10. +1 on this. I was so happy to finally get vpn working,and now it is impossible to use it again without tun.ko. Please Paul, try to do something! (i would like to learn how to compile kernel and modules,but I'm stuck with all those switches for cross compiling with gcc... maybe you could point me in a direction for some good documentation) Thanks!
  11. Maybe i'm missing something, but please explain me, why do you want to have applications, or updates of applications built in the rom, which can be downloaded via market ? I'm using linux since a few years, but this is the part that i most like, to update things myself. Check for new apps, packages, download and install them :D This why i don't get the point.
  12. YOU ARE THE MAN! It is working. Thank you for the help!
  13. I inclueded almost everything in my ROM. except wavesecure, wifi status indicator, and i have wifi N. Installed VPN Connections from market.
  14. I have found ip_forward (on it's real path), and changed it to 1, but this didn't solved my problem. I think it is the routing table... Each route has the gateway, and the default route has my home 192.168..... gateway. I was trying to add one route to go through a gateway inside the vpn, but i didn't succeded (ip route add via 9.x.x.x). I always got an error, "no such process", or something like that. Today i will try to change the default gateway to be in the vpn.
  15. Hi! I have the same problem with VPNC, i have the tun0 with IP address, routes in place, but when i try traceroute, i see the packages are still sent through the eth0 by default ( i replaced the ip with x.x.x): sh-4.1# traceroute 9.x.x.x traceroute to 9.x.x.x (9.x.x.x), 30 hops max, 38 byte packets 1 ( 3.326 ms 1.709 ms 1.525 ms 2 *^C The ping works, for me too ,if i set the tun0 as you did in your post. For all the network gurus: any help would be appreciated! :D Thanks!
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