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  1. monkeydrufy

    Archos 80 G9 Root (Phase 1)

    Tuned hoping to see root asap, and also a modded rom
  2. monkeydrufy

    Flyer Honeycomb Leak (RUU download)

    any hope to make phone call?
  3. monkeydrufy

    Win a LG Optimus 2X with MoDaCo and @superetrader

    everything done ;)
  4. Ho guys, I'm using this rom on my tab, is there a way to set the timeout of softkey's backlight? Thanks
  5. monkeydrufy

    vega wont starrt arghhh !!!!

    fix it
  6. monkeydrufy

    vega wont starrt arghhh !!!!

    sorry guys, I'm getting crazy, I've installed cm7 but my vega is stuck on boot logo now. I'm trying to get into nvflash recovery to restore original rom but I couldn't enter into recovert any help? thanks
  7. On market i can only delete cache on market feedback agent I can delete both data and cache which one I have to delete? I have also another issue, often it show crash on "com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox" thanks
  8. Still reboot after installation or update of an app from market :lol:
  9. Hi Paul, I have one issue, when I install (or update) an app from market the phone reboot why?
  10. I hope this r9 will be better, I have too much reboot
  11. guys I have still the issue with r8 any way to fix?
  12. Hi guys, I have a bad issue When I open some app, like ADVERTISING SPAM or market, the nexus reboot
  13. just flashed r5 from r3 without wipe, everything seems ok I hope you will add extended power menu thanks
  14. sorry guys, I would like to install this rom I have read that Clockwork recovery is required, I have a legend with Hboot 1.01 what Can I do? thanks

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