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  1. nop, nothing enabled :/
  2. Hello Paul, do you have any idea of what could be causing the charging backlight issue?
  3. Hello Paul, do you have any idea of what is causing the backlight to stay ON while the X is charging? I've fullt wiped to make sure, but the problem still persists, and only while charging. regards
  4. kaska_pt

    What will be your next Android phone and why?

    HTC One X, no doubt. Coming from a Nexus S, and had an HTC Desire before that. HTC rulez, no doubt there.
  5. kaska_pt

    custom you data partition's size

    thank you for taking the time to answer :) Since the replies weren't coming and it was my girlfriends phone, I figured out another method... I was in doubt of the correct partition file to use, so I've executed the custom partition utility from Genokolar and when it asked for the data size, I've written the default stock size of 600mb for the data, therefore it sent the remaining 2gb where they were supposed to go :) On another point and due to the partitioning subject, I've USB bricked my phone 2 times in 2 different ways lol, the solution was always to flash the official 2.3.5 rom from an external memory card WITHOUT the battery ! In the second time the usb brick, wouldn't let me mount the /emmc(internal 2gb card and /sdcard(external card) in clockwork mod, so like you can figure it out, there was no way to flash whatever the hell it was...the solution was the same! "vol_up + vol_dw + power" + external memory card with the official 2.3.5 rom on it regards
  6. kaska_pt

    custom you data partition's size

    Hello guys!So in order to return the partitions to stock which file should I use? I'm a bit confused here... tks
  7. in mine worked also until one day it stopped for good... lol
  8. mine still doesn't work ... :huh: I just hope that spares become available
  9. will give it a go! tks 4 sharing
  10. It seems to be a minor fix, and updated apps if I'm not incorrect. Changelog r8 added: com.android.alarmclock (v2.1-update1) added: com.android.cardock (v2.1-update1) added: com.android.deskclock (v2.1-update1) added: com.android.email (v2.1-update1) replaced: com.android.music (v2.1-update1) updated: com.android.vending (v2.2.7) updated: com.google.android.apps.maps (v5.0.0) removed: com.android.globaltime (unloved) Updated global APN list Fixed menu colour issue with android menus.
  11. I'm on my HTC Desire at the moment, my wife has the Blade with her, won't be able to help you until I get home :unsure: EDIT: but on my desire it's working without those previous mentioned options on, so it must be a dialer issue itself

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