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    Win 7 64 bit ADB Drivers

    Sadly that guide is no longer linked. :( I have exactly the same problem but cant solve it Arrggg.
  2. I have done it once and always willing to learn but Ebay are throwing changes at us daily (time consuming) and I am in the middle of trying to get my head round the API so I can automate our processes which are taking so much time due to ebay being useless. so yes I will be having a bash just wondered if I should try honeycomb 3 or a new version of Modaco Rom.....
  3. At 52 but being involved in IT for as long as I can remember I know how he feels. I have tried to read upo but its all starting to get heavy and over my head. I am being told to keep my advent vega (which I have found next to useless) and not upgrade/trade in to a samsung galaxy tablet as I can now/soon install Honeycomb 3 which will radically alter the way I use (can use) my vega). I actually need the tablet to be able to carry out support remotely in any location as I do tech support for a company that sells cutters and plotters etc. But reading in the vega section its hard work working out all the acronyms and abbreviations etc. I found it hard to switch from my windows phone to Android as I have large fingers and spent a month wanting to use a stylus on my desire.....lol But getting used to the Vega was even harder. Any help to simplify (explain in simple terms) what we are trying to achieve with all these ROMS....baking..cooking,,,etc would be appreciated.
  4. ukracer

    BAsic info for an old bloke

    Hi I usually spend a lot fo time researching but at this moment I am in need of a stable phone. I purchased a ROM from modaco (Not sure what it was for ) lol I think it was my vega Tablet. BUt I had done some things to my desire. I think I have rooted it. But my age is playing its tricks and upon reading through the posts to see how I can get more space on my desire I came along this. Below. The thing is it means less to me each time I read it....can anyone explain what all these abbreviations etc mean. What I really want is a nice stable phone that does not keep rebooting when a call comes in and I am using Navigation. A phone I can use skype on. Typing more than voice use). Could someone just take a few mins to explain what we are doing with our phones and why there appears to be so many things you can stick on it even before you start downloading program to fill up the memory?? Thanks in advance. Based on the GRI54 (2.3.3) release (crespo merge) Packaged for ClockworkMod Rebuilt using the MoDaCo MCR optimisation scripts MoDaCo Custom Kernel r3 (based on excellent work by Kali / Defer) Full up to date Google experience + additional apps (including new look Market) HSPA icon differentiation ('H' icon when transferring data via HSPA) Insecure boot image su / Superuser.apk root Support for running scripts from /etc/init.d at startup Terminfo support (for nano etc) Busybox 1.18.1 Semi-transparent notification pull-down STK from Gingerbread AOSP Optional 'Spare Parts' app Optional radio updates (latest update recommended!) Removed Browser zoom buttons framework-res and core libraries / apks are signed with the 'platform' certificate from AOSP, aiding those who wish to edit the framework-res / SystemUI.apk to theme. Simply extract, edit, resign with the platform certificate and push the file. Tidy. Optional 'allow SIP over non-WiFi connections' in the kitchen Reboot app and reboot option on power menu Added 'Microbes' wallpaper A bunch of other stuff that i've forgotten
  5. Now I am in serious trouble. I reset factory data as the market neeeded me to add my googlemail account and not a gmail one but now market crashes everytime I Load it.
  6. This would appear to be my problem when I reflashed with this ROM I added an email address that was not the one used for the market so i now need to find out how to change that address..............any ideas appreciated.
  7. Hi can anyone explain how i can do this. When I click the market app it goes to the market without having to log in. Also how can I confirm which account I used when purchasing them...I think I know but not sure. lol Thanks in advance
  8. ukracer

    eBay sniping s/ware

    I have been looking for these and i cant find any either.. :(
  9. I see references to things that do not appear to be in it though. But do I have to pay for them again?? I backed everything up but cant see it there now looks like the new rom has wiped them out. I saw this in the bootloader but did not update..
  10. After installing this rom should we start seeing new stuff. it looks the same as before except all my paid for apps are misssing...arrggg \it says its updated as the software version is correct but not a lot is new.
  11. Oh damn and blast.....it was all going too well but now its locked up and just displays android acros the screen highlighting from left to right every 30 seconds it disappears and comes back and it all starts again but the phone never boots. what the hell have I done to my phone please????
  12. ukracer

    MoDaCo Custom r6 discussion archive

    I have not read the hole thread butI a smll snippent that might help some users. When you plug a brand new Vega into the PC you get the option to install drivers. I just ppinted it to the USB folder in PAuls downlaod and the rom installed a treat after that. One thing I cant suss out is where all the other files included in the 29 quid subscription can be downloaded from?? Anyone give me a clue please??

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