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  1. I get error trying to enable wlan even after multiple reboots, I pushed the lib file into /system/lib is that correct?
  2. Nice one! I still prefer the look of the default dialer, so if this could be implemented as well (without the SMS multiple recipient problem caused by just overwriting the files with Flibble's) then this will be a perfect rom for me. Edit:- Seeing if your ContactsProvider.apk sorts this issue out. Edit2:- Nah, still can't choose contacts from the SMS app. Edit3:- If you could look into the intermittent problem with gaining root access as well, that would be great.
  3. Would this include overclocking as well Paul? I may try this out if so.
  4. How do you change or set the MIME types on Android?
  5. I'd say worth it. Is this still based on the .29 kernel or has it been upgraded to .32?
  6. Any insight into this would be greatfully appreciated Kallt, I've noticed this on a lot of roms.
  7. I don't think so. As you need a Facebook account to log into the app, and a Facebook account to try sync'ing. Would it be worth just making a gmail account and a simple profile on there just to test it? I can make one for you to use if you want me to?
  8. Oh, you are kind, and you always help us out with our issues however fussy and minor they be, hence why I donated! :P
  9. You can change the settings to enable it. You can change whether it searches by number, name or both.
  10. Basically when you start the Facebook app for the first time it should ask you if you want to sync all your contacts with Facebook. It should also allow you to add a Facebook account to the sync menu alongside your Googlemail account. However currently when you try to add an account you get returned back to the sync menu with no changes. Edit:- Just donated $10 to you as well :D
  11. Well IMO it's ugly as sin, and it's what's stopping us from Facebook Sync working as well. :P
  12. Would debugging the stock framework require someone who knows what they're looking for, or is it something I could help with? :D
  13. Don't know if you saw the posts Kallt, but copying over the files from Flibblesan's rom enables the stock dialer and facebook sync to work, however it the button to select multiple recipients for a SMS now does nothing, and I'm able to wake up the screen by pressing the front facing buttons again. Not a nag or anything, just for your information :D
  14. I don't think this will happen unless a LOT of people ask for it.
  15. I'm probing some IRC channels now for some information for you Kallt lol.

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