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  1. Hey I put that question on XDA, but didn't get answer yet. So just in case I am asking here. How does vanilla version looks like. Are settings, dialer, sms and other stuff also themed, or is just launcher and locksreen? I hate this white Settings app in sens :D
  2. ...ignore the post... wifilog.txt
  3. Thanks for this Paul! It is working perfectly :). I hope that cwm recovery will be ported soon.
  4. Hey! I have a Samsung Galaxy S I9070 Advance, and I would like to get a boot.img (kernel) of this phone for rooting purposes. I've been searching all around the web for a rooting method that would work on this phone, and as far as I know now, is that only thing that would work is flashing insecure kernel, which enables root access. But the problem is there is no kernel source out yet. So my question is, if there is any possibility to get boot.img directly from a phone. Or If I can maybe somehow extract this from official firmware. I have firmware in .tar which is meant to flash with Odin. The tar file includes cache.img.md5, hidden.img.md5, kernel.bin.md5, modem.bin.md5 and system.img.md5. If someone could give me some advice, of how to start on this thing. I was already trying with dsixda kitchen with no success. Any kind of advice or guide will be appreciated:).
  5. There is a solution to your problem now. Developer BlaYo from XDA has made CWM3.0.0.6 with ext43 support for S-ON legends. Here is the link.
  6. If you want to change system files when OS is running than you have to get your phone in S-OFF, cause system partitions are locked in all HTC phones by default(S-ON = security on).Here is link that may help you explain what am I talking about and here is the link to a tool, that will enable S-OFF, but read all the instructions very cerfully!!!
  7. Yes I remeber I had the same doubt because the lack of feedback in cmd, but it worked, so I didn't bother any more:). I'm glad you've succeeded.
  8. try this guide, it is very straight forward, with all commands. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=894465
  9. Hey Paul! Can this guide be somehow used to downgrade HBOOT version? For example from 1.01 to 0.43?
  10. You should follow the instructions on this link.
  11. Because then I could use the AlphaRev method for gaining S-OFF. What means that I would have full system access, and I could delete System apps and other stuff without enetring into recovery. Now even with root access you can't do this except you reboot phone, flash custom recovery, then you mount system and only then you can delete those files with ADB shell. Do you now get it?
  12. So there is no need for you to comment in this thread either.
  13. There is S-OFF method from AlphaRev availible for Legend now, but it only works on 0.43 HBOOT.
  14. Paul or some other cool developer, would you be so nice and try to figured it out how can we downgrade HBOOT version?? Thanks!
  15. Would this method work on other HTC phone aswell? For example Legend?
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