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  1. Only just seen your reply. The problem I was happening is an unusual one as I wasn't suffering battery drain, just sudden loss of power if I dared to reboot. I already had a battery monitor and had calibrated etc etc. After posting the problem was sorted, it actually wasn't. Finally I took the plunge and flashed the polish ics via Odin and that did sort the problem so it was something to do with the firmware after all. I've certainly never had this problem with any android phone in the past. On another forum, there were a few others that also discovered they had the exact same problem and they too updated to the polish ics which sorted theirs out too. Alison
  2. Damn, I feel like such a dork now. One thing I hadn't tried was a factory reset. So, I tried it and fingers crossed, it seems ok now. What a plonkaAlison
  3. I've been trying to find an answer to my problem for about a week via various sources and so far have drawn a blank. Bit of background. I have the s2 GT i9100, it came direct from Samsung UK so is totally unbranded and is on gb 2.3.4 which is the latest firmware (have checked this with Samsung and they are not releasing 2.3.5 for theirs for some reason, will be straight to ICS). I have not rooted or anything, it's in it's out of box state. The problem I am getting is that if the battery drops to 49% or lower, if I then reboot by pressing and holding the power button for about 8 seconds, I lose as much as 30% battery. One of two people have tested it on theirs and only one so far has replicated the problem, he's in 2.3.5 with Vodafone uk. This in itself wouldn't be a major problem as it doesn't happen if I power off the phone and then power it on again. However, last night, I actually had OVER 50% left, probably nearer to 60% and I turned on tethering. Within two minutes, the phone rebooted itself and I was left with just 17% battery. So, it seems the problem has got slightly worse. I am waiting for Samsung to get in touch, they will probably replace the handset, however, my concern is that another one might do the same or have even worse problems. I'm worried because I had the s and had major problems with that, it was sent for repair and came back ten times worse and they then replaced it with the s2. So, you can understand my concerns. I love the phone and that is my only problem. I am trying to determine whether it's software or hardware and would be interested to know if anybody on here has any insight as to what this might be as its a most inconvenient problem, especially if it happens when I am not near a charger. If anybody would be kind enough to test theirs for me, that too would be appreciated but remember, it needs to drop to UNDER 50% as it doesn't happen before that. Post results here of course. Sorry for the long winded post.Thank you in advance. I have also searched on XDA and the AT&T models seem to have similar issues but it's considered a feature as opposed to a fault and mine is not AT&T& Again, thanks in advance Alison
  4. hazi1964

    no market

    Sorry to jump on to this thread but I was thinking of getting the Advent Vega but was put off by the lack of market. With this "fix" will that enable full access to paid apps as well as free apps? Alison
  5. Thanks for those replies, still undecided here. lol. My choice is narrowed down now to ipad 2 or Asus Eee Pad Transformer. I saw a video demo of the transformer the other day and they pointed out that there are usb ports on the tablet part. Confused now. I will have to watch again and maybe some other vids too. Alison.
  6. Hi there, hope you don't mind me jumping in on your thread but I'm also possibly interested in this one too. My question is about the resistive touch, is it very sensitive and only needing a light touch or is it like the resistive mobile phone screens and feel cheap when using? Also, a friend of mine has just bought one of these and his verdict so far is very positive, his opinion of the resistive touch is that it is quite sensitive but would be nice to hear what others think too. Again, sorry to jump on to your thread but I didn't want to start a new one for virtually the same thing. Hope you don't mind. Alison
  7. Hi all, I'm trying to decide which internet tablet to get myself next month. First, it was Ipad 2 but the lack of connectivity and the locked down operating system has put me off. My 1st choice at the moment is the Asus Eee Transformer, however, there are one or two things I would like to know about it that I can't seem to find anywhere else. 1) Are there any usb ports on the tablet part itself or are they all on the keyboard? 2) One of the other tablets is able to connect to 3g using a normal sim card in a 3g dongle, can the Transformer do this too? 3) Does it feel really plasticky? A friend has said it's all plastic apart from the rim and thinks it would feel cheap and damage easily (he's an Apple fanboy though). I think that's all for the time being on that one. The other one I am interested in is right at the other end of the market and not listed in device specific but will mention it anyway. It's the Flytouch3 Superpad2, Android 2.2, it has resistive touch which I don't normally like but my friend in Portsmouth has one and he says it's pretty sensitive. It does do everything else I want but the resisitive touch is the only downside I can see so far. If anybody does have any insight on the Flytouch, it would be appreciated if you could post some comparison pros and cons between those two devices, though I'm not expecting anybody to know too much about this one so no worries if nobody can enlighten me. Thank you in advance for any replies and I look forward to reading and learning and hopefully making a decision in the not too distant future. Alison
  8. Many thanks Latinoguy but this was sorted out long ago as per my above message. Alison
  9. Not alot in all honestly, few slight changes in graphics, no lag to speak of, download manager app and that's about it, oh, maybe slight improvement on battery drain. Alison
  10. RESOLVED BY MYSELF My friend has just bought the pulse mini on t-mobile payg. I followed the steps to rooting, seems to have worked, superuser showing up in the apps list. I also flashed the clockwork mod recovery image (•Koush's Clockwork Recovery as per this guide http://android.modaco.com/content/t-mobile...n-your-device/) Again, seems to have worked, wouldn't be able to access the cw recovery if it hadn't would I? Have wiped cache and the sd card on the phone, want to partition but this is where I've come unstuck. As per the instructions in the guide, I follow said instructions: 2.) Start recovery mode by pressing "green call button" und "volume up" together while powering on. 3.) Choose "partitioning" and select 0 MB Swap. I recommend 256/512 MB Ext2. However, when I enter the partitions menu. I don't have any option to select 0mb swap etc etc. The only options that are available are mount sd,, format sd, mount usb storage, a whole list of mount or format options but nothing to select to partition. Can somebody please help? I decided I would try via Rom manager but came across another problem in that when asking for SU permission, the su just hangs and eventually I have to force close it. I then decided to try a root checker and again, same problem, it asks for su permission but it just hangs. I don't even get pop up that says allow or deny, just the su window with an empty space. If anybody could be of any help, I would very much appreciate it as I would like to be able to flash the custom rom so my friend has apps 2 sd as like the Desire, this phone has very little internal storage. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance Alison
  11. LOL, well done you, I'm not that brave. Am not going to bother replacing mine. Alison
  12. [sOLVED] Applied the fix here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...hlight=recovery If anybody experiences problems with the device not being recognised, go to your computer's device manager and check the drivers for the Samsung Galaxy S, if there is an exclamation mark you may need to download drivers again and re install them. I can't give full instructions as my friend was doing it by remotely connecting and had full control of my computer but we got there in the end. Hope this helps somebody else. Alison
  13. Nope, didn't work phone just boots normally no matter what. I can get to the blue screen via rom manager but that's it, no further. I can't even back up my rom (stock original out of the box rom at the moment). Tried to back it up in rom manager which took me to the first recovery screen, that's it, any suggestions? I daren't do anything to my phone other than the root and lagfix I did yesterday until I know I can get into full recovery. Is there a fake flash available at all like there is for the desire? That might do it but wouldn't solve not being able to do the 3 button recovery of course which is what I really need. Any help much appreciated. Alison
  14. Many thanks Richard, I have tried this but maybe didn't wait long enough for the phone to be switched off before trying, am about to try it again. I also have a screen protector which was covering the home key and have now cut it down so that the home key is much easier to press. Am hoping this and waiting will solve the problem, if not, I know there is a .bat fix which I am trying to work out how to do but obviously would prefer it if I could do it without that. My other question here is once I get to the blue screen, how do I then get to the next screen? So used to doing it on the Desire that it was second nature but the Galaxy isn't quite the same is it. lol. Alison
  15. Having managed to root my galaxy s using the one click root and also sorting out the lag problem, I would like to do a nandroid back up. However, the only way I can access any recovery is via rom manager which takes me to the first screen with the blue print. I can't get any further than that. When I did try the 3 button method, I got to the galaxy s splash screen, continued holding all three buttons down as per guidlines in a different thread, it kept going back into the splash screen without going into recovery, I held on for several cycles and then gave up and let go of the power and it just booted normally. Am I right in thinking some of the galaxy's were shipped without the ability to access recovery via the 3 button method? What I need to know is, if I can only access recovery via either adb or rom manager, what do I do if I do something and my phone won't boot? This would mean my phone would be bricked right? I don't think there would be any point taking it back to the store as they only had one left which is the one I now have, plus, they know nothing about booting into recovery there, all they know is how to operate the phones out of the box. Any suggestions as to what I can do or am I stuck with the risk of ending up with a bricked phone if and when it decides not to power up at all? Thanks in advance. Alison Alison
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