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  1. with the program OCTANS Downloader v 2.14, will be a chance to repare`it?? pls te me someone how to work with this program.. or a good link with a manual of this program, the files to be used in OCTANS DOWNLOADER for my Omnia I900...
  2. hy there!! i have a big probleme with my Samsung Omnia I900. i hope someone can help me! :( . I`ve installed many windows mobile rom`s on my omnia, but today, after i`ve installed a win6.5 rom, when it appeares on my rom executable (in windows xp) the message "job done" and i have pulled of the usb cable from the pc , my omnia refused to start. The red button from my phone remains on (instead to be green) and my display doesen`t show nothing, it remains turned off. i`ve pressed the power buton shortly and i`ve pressed 5-7 seconds this buton, but nothing, it remains wake-up the red light. not with the reset buton dosen`t work. the only solution is to take off the battery. I`ve try to reset complet the phone by pressing simultaneous the call and reject buttons.. but notthing... i`ve try many trick`s ... and the result it`s the same :) . What can i do?! ;)
  3. hello everybody!! ErolD, i`vee seen that you have the link for "M2Dv2 Omnia7s Ed. Build 23662.5.3.6 (LG) beta1 (18/06/2010)" , that i understand it`s the most greath imitation of winmo7. sent me pls PM with this link. thank!!! ;)
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