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  1. diamondgar

    Have Google changed mobile phone pricing forever?

    Or have Samsung and HTC been walking away with £200 of profit on each phone for the last year? Yep, im pretty sure that there is a healthy profit on each device, for the manufacturer, retail store etc. I think part of the reason the galaxy nexus was quite expensive is that it was sold in quite small numbers and had quite a distinctive design which probably cost a bit to tool up the factories for. Im guessing google have taken a bit of a punt that they will sell a lot of devices at this price. Most devices drop at least £100 not too long after release once the one off costs have been covered and the phone isnt flavour of the month any more. I basically think google have included this drop in price from the start. Cant wait to get my hands on a Nexus 4, definitely the 16Gb for me. Im not too worried about having massive storage for music with cloud services becoming better all the time. But i still want to be able to have a decent stash of music, take photos, install a few games etc, backup my phone once in a while and not have to worry about cleaning the SD card every few months.
  2. diamondgar

    BBC iPlayer on the N7?

    Try the Auora build of firefox from their website, Iplayer works for me using that. Couldnt get it to work in the other browsers i tried or an iplayer apk i tried although maybe a different version of the iplayer apk might work, the version i tried just sent me to the web site and said my phone is not compatible. I wasnt planning on rooting, but i think getting a more stable browser with flash plus a couple of other niggles mean i will do at some point.
  3. diamondgar

    S2 ICS Update

    Generally carepohone warehouse sells phones unlocked, so you should get it from Samsung directly.
  4. diamondgar

    [ROM] [3.2] Vegacomb 3.2 Build 5

    Anyone else having problems getting to recovery? I know it says there is a problem in the first post but when i reboot to recovery it just reboots, no hangs nothing. No big deal i gues it just means going back to modstock before flashing version6.
  5. diamondgar

    I want ROM manager to work fully on the S2

    Yeh, Pauls Rom uses CF-Root so it isnt compatible with ROM Manager. However, its really not a big deal you just need to boot into recovery using the app and install new roms in ClockworkMod. If you really want ROM manager then find a rom that uses a compatible kernel, i think cognition does if i remeber correctly or CM7 whcih i am using, flash that from recovery and then you can use ROM manager from then on. However, i really dont see the need for ROM manager. Yes it can make things slightly quicker, but it often doesnt work quite right so its best just to flash from the recovery anyway. It is generally a little safer.
  6. diamondgar

    Next Vegacomb release will be 3.2 (probably)

    Looks awesome, i must admit im usually a bit of a tight bastard when it comes to to dontating to developers especially since i shut my paypal account. But the value added to the Vega by vegacomb means i will definitely send a few beers to the team once this is released and installed.
  7. diamondgar

    Marks out of 10

    It depends on your usage really. I am really happy with the Vega and i wouldnt have paid any more for a Tablet because i already have a laptop with can do all the same things, the Vega is just a nice extra toy for me to use to couch surf. As others have said, there are better tablets for sure but the Vega is extremely good value for money. It is also worth checking out the Hannspad which is possibly better than the Vega and now cheaper, but not sure if it will have the same level of developer support. Overall i would be slightly hesitant to buy the Vega now, when there is a good chance there will be a load of tablets along soonish with ICS on them, also some of the HC tablets will probably get heavy discounts before christmas to try and sell them off before the next gen comes out. But if you want a tablet now and have about £200 to spend then the Vega is a 7/10. Marks off for the screen, not fully running honeycomb and only 500mb or ram. If VegaComb gets a stable release with full hardware accelaration then its up to a 8.
  8. diamondgar

    I want ROM manager to work fully on the S2

    ROM Manager is working well on my SGS2 with CM7 installed. I think it might be ROM dependent which version of CWM is installed, i have version and it works with ROM manager. But other versions dont work. Im certainly no expert on these things but it is possilble to get it working. Not sure if there is any way to get it working with Stock Roms or not since i have no interest in going back to stock from CM7 now its fairly stable.
  9. diamondgar

    VegaComb Test43-RC3

    Great work guys, it looks really good from youtube clip. Im going to wait until CWM is available since its a bit of a pain to use nvflash for me.
  10. diamondgar

    So how come MoDaCo SGS2 so quiet?

    Basically because there is no kitchen from Paul, which is mainly because there are no obvious fixes. As others have mentioned a lot of the busier forums here are phones that arent so active on xda. There are some very experienced developers working on things over at xda who came from Galaxy S, which leaves less room for part time developers to add anything worthwhile to the scene.
  11. diamondgar

    Which Tablet?

    the vega is great value for money i would recommend it to anyone that is happy wiht custom roms etc. However, after using VegaComb briefly and trying out the Xoom etc i would definitely say its worth trying to get a tablet with official honeycomb, even if it means holding out for a few months. Hopefully the vega will get upgraded or there could be a vega 2 soon with honeycomb, but I would not buy a device on the promise of an upgrade though, make sure its honeycomb installed from the get go. I guess it depends if your willing to wait or not, if you want a tablet now get the vega. Otherwise wait for a budget honeycomb/ICS tablet.
  12. diamondgar

    Battery Life

    Modaco custom is Froyo, not gingerbread i believe. It definitely sounds like something is wrong if your only getting a couple of hours, i got very good life on 2.2 roms and still get decent on cm7. Not 16hours if your using media etc but good. Sounds like you might have a rogue app. Try installing a clean rom (i'd recommend corvus5 or CM7 over modaco rom) without any apps and see what life you get. Then after reinstalling apps you will know if its app related. Alternatively download an app off the market for tracking battery use such as powertutor and see if you can work out what is drawign power.
  13. diamondgar

    [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    yep, i just flashed back to CM7 and not only does it have decent flash playback but it also is generally quicker and more stable for me. the team have done great work with VegaComb but it is hard to see it passing CM7 without a better source to start from (possibly Adam or Smartbook going to honeycomb). Until then im sticking with CM7.
  14. diamondgar


    i used a program from the xda forum to unlock my desire the other day, seemed to work fine for me and free :D. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...ight=sim+unlock
  15. diamondgar

    Non modded vega - best place for games?

    normally i understand prople being a bit wary to root etc, however with the Vega i basically think its a requirement, and it is almost encouraged. At a very min, add the market. But you should really instal modaco rom or Corvus5. As already mention you can ALWAYS flash stock again if you need to return or have any issues.

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