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  1. samclam

    Stuck on HBoot

    Just kept drying it out for days and then started working again.
  2. samclam

    Stuck on HBoot

    Hello I have a Vodafone UK Magic SAPPHIRE UNKOWN 32B SHIP S-ON G HBOOT-1.33.0007 (SAPP10000) CPLD-10 RADIO- Jul 31 2009,15:49:25 It's not been rooted or had any custom ROM's etc. It got a bit wet in the rain last weekend and now when I turn it on it's just stuck on the HBoot screen. I can't press 'back' for FastBoot or scroll down. No keys respond. I also can't boot into Fastboot with power + menu or any other combo. I tried retrieving the rom.nbh from some official RUU's and putting them on the SD card. The phone picked them up and asked if I wanted to update etc. I did but didn't make any difference. Tried another rom.hbh and now when it picks it up some text flies by and nothing else happens & I'm stuck again. Any ideas?
  3. samclam

    Lost USB Connectivity

    Found the instructions I needed to restore originai software without USB connectivity here http://android.modaco.com/content/htc-hero...e/#entry1373170
  4. samclam

    Solved -- Help - USB Freezing/Headphone issue

    Thanks These instructions really saved my ass. Faulty phone without USB connection needed restoring to original software for warranty.
  5. samclam

    Lost USB Connectivity

    Hello Yeah, SD card installed and working. Any idea how I restore my phone to original software condition for warranty? I've tried non rooted update.zip's but still shows RA-hero-v1.5.2, how do I get rid of that? Thanks
  6. samclam

    Lost USB Connectivity

    Running Modaco R5 2.1 on my Hero for a few weeks with no problems. In the last couple of days I've suddenly lost all USB connectivity other than charging. Tried different computers, different OS's, different USB leads but makes no difference. Tried toggling 'Debug Mode', 'Default connection type', 'Ask me', restarting still makes no difference. Only thing done differently lately was charge from a USB battery pack while out camping and at one point looked like it was making the phone battery go down not up. Not sure if there is a physical fault with the phone? Any ideas?
  7. samclam

    Data SIM in Europe for Travel

    I had problems trying to get cheap a Data SIM in France. They charge around €30 just for an SFR Pay Go SIM and the only other option is Orange but they acted like they'd never even heard of Pay Go DATA. Cutting a long story short: Get a cheap SFR Pay Go SIM on eBay then when in France I was told you pay ¢50 for every WAP (data) session. For UK definitely get a Three Pay Go SIM, top up £10 then go to My 3 in phone browser > Balance & Free Stuff > Buy Mobile Top Up > 1 month for £5. I think you get 2GB and they don't really notice if you tether. Also if you get hold of the Three Specific Skype app you can make free Skype calls over GSM (except for UK landlines). The other good thing about Three is you can use their data service in any other '3 like' country ie Ireland, Italy, Australia, maybe some others, for no extra charge.

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