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  1. yeah the nillkin is a nice slim fit and awkward getting on & off and only used at weekends, rubber one is easier to remove and used for work during the week
  2. got my case and it doesn't add that much bulk or nothing noticeable to the phone. Still waiting for the dock though, will keep informed and let you know as soon as I get it. typical.................. I post then get the dock a hour later. Well it works the phone is in and charging. Decent build quality but you do need to take case off though, which isn't a big deal for me anyway, I work nights and use a cheap rubber one so taking that off in the morning to charge while sleeping isn't too hard. For the money I'm happy with it
  3. I've always liked the nillkin hard case http://www.ebay.co.u...=item23292e784b I've just ordered one of these http://www.ebay.co.u...984.m1497.l2649
  4. I'll be taking my nice new samsung trade in offer tab2 to work. I'm not really sure what I want in it, nice screen and decent battery would be a good start though, but I'm after a new phone in the next few weeks or so and am leaning towards the ONE but if the S4 looks awesome I could be tempted.
  5. Nice little gimmick, would be nice to see how it is with battery consumption
  6. I normally go for a cheaply gel one for work and when out nothing. I'd consider one of these if different colours were available, but then again I can't decide between the ONE and the XZ at the moment plus waiting to see what the S4 brings
  7. Never really considered a 5" but I've looked at the Xperia Z instore and am really considering getting one. The only problem I have is I also like the HTC one and with the S4 coming soon I'm happily indecisive. Anybody got a xperia Z or HTC can give a bit of info on them?
  8. I opted for samba, and in the 3 weeks I've had the sim I've managed to earn just under 800MB, just for having the adverts in a background tab for about 15mins now and again while I'm doing my normal daily surfing
  9. just signed up for Samba. Only really want it for when I go away in May, so plenty of time to earn some credit.
  10. I've got an Ainol elf & aurora, both good little tablets for what you pay. aurora got better screen if you wanna watch movies
  11. could you try using it as wifi hotspot? looking at getting 2nd phone for use as hotspot & spare if needed cheers
  12. I've got an ainol elf & Aurora, both bought from gadgetfreakz, build quality for the price is great. Both come with ics installed and market access.
  13. try here http://www.htcruu.com/?dir=Endeavor
  14. try looking at an ainol tablet, I've got 2 the elf & aurora and for the price they're a bargain. I bought mine from gadgetfreakz
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