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  1. u cant because .apk files are for android not for win mobile. sorry
  2. my humble opinion is that co-procesors are there to process classical phone functions (like net reception, telephone calls etc). they are usualy slow because these are not demanding tasks. main cpu does the rest.
  3. i started to work on a new way to have a tf3d on our phone, but i need to know with what program i can edit mode9.dll file? help please!!!
  4. forgive me for asking stupid questions but is it posiibile tham we have a Mali gpu?
  5. yes u can. but i just mannaged to set to 128 dpi in win (without nyditot) but i cant change anything in nyditot to get that dpi. ps u cant change dpi phisicaly, but u can by software (emulate). same as nyditot :)
  6. No it cant work on i900 because it doesnt have hw grafics wich omnia lite has (same hw platform as omnia II). Cant post video i dont have camera.
  7. put the res as i said above and set zoom to fit screen (default is 100 %). then sof reset.
  8. using this method i am running bigboss sense for omnia 2 now. still notthing on dpi increase. does anybody know how to tweak the registry to increase dpi? or even better to tweak nyditot to enable the increase of dpi. thx
  9. I finaly managed to run manila 3d on my omnia lite. it is sluggish BUT IT WORKS! 1. install 3d drivers for omnia II 2. install manila 1.3 for omnia II with hotfix 3. install NYDITOT and set it to emulate 800x480 res soft reset & enjoy! I will try to fix dpi with REALvga and post results.
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