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  1. what is the website i can get the streak unlocked? i had a chat today thruogh O2 website with any luck ,they said, tesco mobile is part of O2 :P
  2. I got my form fit case. Maybe my mistake, but i didnt realised when I red the description this is a hrd plastic piece which covers only the back. 23 pounds for hard plastic piece, is very good profit for streak. Is anybody dropped with this? Rubber would reduce the hit but this is hard so doesnt i think.
  3. Hi Guys I just got a reply from Brando (one of the biggest 3rd party accesories manufacturer). They still waiting for Dell Streak from Dell to test :)
  4. watch the other part of the screen when you have a problem. Because streak is big i touch accidently the edge of the screen and the target part doesnt work.
  5. Is there a way to check how many Streak sold? I cant beleive more than few thousand only. I cant find any 3rd party case or any accesories yet not even a screen protector from good qulity 3rd company like "Brando". I think the target is very narrow because 5inch screen and does not worth develeop anything for streak.
  6. The price under discussion with Dell, material 10p work 10p they want to put on the website for 19.9999 in winter and start to delivery next summer :lol:
  7. Here is the original O2 stand v2.0 :lol: The v1.0 was without anti slip rubber bump but this is fantastic ! You can press buttons too! :D
  8. Sometimes I feel del sold 100 Streak and all Streak owner on this forum or on few others :lol:
  9. The best hard reset is to getnew phone :lol: :D but yes nothing changed. The worst reception on my desk where is 3 monitor and the router. so maybe affected by those two.The best in bedroom. But I never had any problem witn my old HTC Touch HD before th Streak on same place
  10. i have new sim which didnt make any difference so i get a replecament. The difference between the new and the old phone is I have a reception every 5 minutes for a minute so worst than the other was which have break with every 5 minutes :lol: if the service coming back usualy only GPRS no 3G, so tomorrow ill take back again. So interesting situation, this is my 3rd phone the first had a dead speaker out of the box. I start give up my love with Streak :D I already ask them to exchange to other type,brand but they said I cant (carphonewarehouse) So this is something phone related issue I think.
  11. I totaly agree the above plus after 2 days streak started to slides out when I open the case. Plus there is no hole for the outside speaker :lol: Iam interested about the fit form case, but i cant imagine what exactly means screen protector. looks like this is some box made clear materials but the photo dosnt show that clear. I use my old PDA car dock wich is opens that much as streak needs.
  12. I just came back from wimbledon where i have perfect reception everywhere. Carphonewarehouse sent me in o2 shop to get new sim, if the new sim wont sort out this problem ill get a new phone. jdouce: if you can manage the size of the phone this is much better than desire. Big screen is more important for me than half hd recording
  13. "Tap Proxy then tap the text box and enter then tap OK" I just check what google say about the sentence above, interesting how many android has a similar problem with diferent devices. But one interesting happened here, after i checked "Antennas" on my Streak the connection problem disapeared :lol: or maybe just bad in early mornig and afternoons, we will see :D (update i just finished the post and started again :D ) ohhh and the instructions above is just a O" setup for all android you can find here http://mobileguide.o2.co.uk/devices/device...;settingId=3078
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