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  1. Ever since I did the DG21 update, my speed dials won't work at all. When I try to set a speed dial no matter which way I go about it, the phone tells me it encountered a problem and wants me to choose if I should send a report or not. I have played around with this issue several times and have sent and not sent reports many times. No matter which option I choose, after it registers my choice, it immediately and briefly shows the speed dials screen then goes right back to telling me that it encountered a problem and asks to send a report! It will continue on in this ridiculous cycle indefinitely until I finally just hit the end button a bunch of times. I have tried to find information on this issue through Google searching but I have not had any luck. I use PIMbackup and that is what I used to restore after the DG21 update. Everything restored fine except any speed dials I had. I could imagine that my PIMbackup restoration could somehow be part of the problem, maybe carrying over some sort of restore data from a different ROM (for example, some of my contacts have some script line in the "notes" area that says something about HTC data from when I used Steel's ROM) but I'm really not sure what the problem is. I was running Yardis ROM and using titanium before the DG21 update came out and was having no problems with anything at all. Any help is appreciated, thanks. -Tyler
  2. Your windows 7 x64 machine will natively run 32bit applications as if it were a 32bit OS. You will have no problem flashing on win 7 x64. Yes I use win 7 x64 and no problems flashing the samsung updates.
  3. I absolutely agree with this! Despite the fact that I have verizon and I would not switch to any other carrier unless verizon vanished from existence, I HATE verizon as a company. They are basically the apple of cell phone providers. A bucnh of greedy shysters doing their best to bend their customers over every chance they get! In case anyone is wondering I personally have not had any issues with verizon. I just have a brain so I do whatever I can to subvert their shitty money grubbing tactics. If I have to deal with any more garbage VZW bullshit apps....seriously. I can't wait till I can pirate cell service RRR! -Tyler
  4. I'd probably use smoke signals before any iphone so I was a bit amused when the old jobbers came out with these cute little videos. I was glad he let me know I was having reception troubles because I certainly didn't notice. Seriously though was anybody able to get all their bars to drop? I had the usual 3 bars in my office at work, I took my phone out of its case and even after cupping both hands tightly over the phone with just enough opening to see the signal bars I couldn't get it to drop all the bars. I tried several times and never could get the last bar to drop. Interesting.
  5. After disabling sense and reseting it appears to settle around 71MB. Note: I also could see a complete reflash of this same ROM working more like it should without any explainable reason at all. I'm simply surprised at how much of a mess this is running like considering the fact that I DON'T play around with much of anything and I really use just a few of the basic winmo/sense features. I'm not really pushing the O2's limits by any stretch.
  6. The only thing in the My Device/Windows/Start Up folder is a file icon that looks like a parchment paper with some writing on it called zzzzz2, google searching did not help me figure out what this is. Should I just go ahead and delete that? I also have view all files enabled. Thanks again amd
  7. I enabled only Free MB indicator and here is what followed: 94MB when indicator first appears 54MB slowly counted down to 54 over about a minute jumped back to 58MB then settled around 55MB and stayed right about that for about 4 more minutes 45MB and five minutes later and finally homescreen appears. Used to only take 30-45 seconds for homescreen to appear after it says launching steel sense. 38MB after watching the homescreen and doing nothing else for about 3 more minutes it seems to settle here. So its been about 10 minutes and I'm at 38 MB without doing anything. Now I launch opera 10 to the quick-launch/speed-dial screen. 26MB is where it settles in with opera running in the background. Let me know if there is anything else you would like me to run through. Note: I copied the battclock.cab to my SD card via my PC's SD slot and it would not let me install it from the card once I put it in the phone and resetting several times, this is how I install just about everything. I finally got it to install by plugging the phone in via USB and copying the battclock.cab to my phones storage and running it from there.
  8. I was wondering if anyone has had any of these issues with Steels or any of the sense ROMs. In Steels ROM thread I can’t find any complaints about similar issues with the beta 65 release so I figured I would post a separate thread. I also wasn’t sure if these things might be more related to Sense UI than the specific ROM. This is a bit lengthy but I tried to answer any foreseeable questions before they were asked. I am going to HAVE to flash a new ROM very soon as my phone is more sluggish than it has ever been and unreliably useable at this point and I’m hoping for a little more insight before I decide what interface route I will try next. Any help/feedback is appreciated and please let me know if I am doing anything wrong! I've been using Steels beta 65 ROM since about a week after it was posted. I switched to 65 from 55 which I had used since that was released shortly after I had first flashed beta 4. I just wanted to post some of the issues I have been having since my previous post about a couple minor issues with beta 55. I posted these in Steels ROM thread, Post #312 on page 16. I flashed steels beta 65 ROM and also cleared all data from my storage at the same time. I'm not sure any of these problems are the ROMs “fault”. I know how WinMo stuff can be erratic at times. I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences. Sense has a lot of settings that I haven’t really played around with so I don’t know if there are some tweaks that might solve some of these issues. It also seems that the longer I am running this ROM the worse it seems to get. I have nothing installed except the latest version of MS My Phone and weather watcher mobile which still doesn’t work so I uninstalled that. My batteries drain down faster and faster and at this point it is really CHOKING along in anything I do from checking tasks to placing or answering a call. It also locks up fully at least once a day requiring a battery pull. I doesn’t matter how many times I reset it. I am not running any over-clocking and have performance set to auto which is what I normally run. I also stop running programs in task manager constantly, so it is rare I have more than 3 things running at once for more than 5 minutes. I also turn my phone completely off at least 2-3 times daily, sometimes to clear up an issue and sometimes to refresh the RAM. Battery life is definitely rough. This is more of an observation, not a complaint/ problem. I run screen on auto bright and it shuts off the screen and locks after 1 minute. These were the same settings I used when the phone was stock. I got substantially longer life on a full charge with the stock ROM which I know is expected compare to the sense ROMs. I did try some over-clocking but I could basically watch the battery percentage countdown from 100 to 0 and the performance increase was not worth the excessive drain even with two batteries so I discontinued over-clocking. The Bing app, which I updated to current, likes to randomly close to the home screen while I am in the middle of using it. The program doesn’t actually exit but I can’t find any reason it should "minimize" itself. This can happen when I'm trying to get directions or while it is in the middle of active navigation. Selecting the app after the close out seems to bring it back to where it was usually, but sometimes not. I did not encounter this with beta 55. With 55 it would close out completely and frequently during active navigation. Another note, I copied over my saved Ferrari GT directory to see if that program would run without an actual install. I couldn't get it to run. Opera 10 likes to crash to homescreen frequently when I try to rotate to landscape mode. Program fully closes out. I did copy over my entire saved opera 10 directory to restore my favorites and settings instead of just specific folders. I can see how that could cause a problem but when I did the same thing with beta 55 this did not seem to cause any problem at all. Sense, or what I would guess is sense causing the problem, will frequently fail to load and appear after a screen unlock. I will see the notification bar at the top of the screen and the start, phone and menu buttons at the bottom, all seem to still function when it happens. Sometimes I can simply relock and unlock again and it loads and sometimes I will have to pull the battery completely. This can also happen when transitioning from say the main menu back to the home screen and again sometimes I can fiddle around and get it to snap out of it and sometimes I get a complete lock up and have to pull the battery. Thanks for your time, Tyler
  9. What a great first review roundup, taking quick and easy notes it something I use my O2 for all the time so I'll be reading with great interest. I'll being checking your blog frequently thanks!
  10. Steel, just a foreword here, your ROM is the first and only ROM (beta 4 and now on to beta 55 and soon to be 65 when I get some time) I have flashed since discovering this little treasure of a community, (wish I had more time to be a more productive part of it but work and family makes that extremely tough but I'm going to try when and where I can!) overall its such a great and stable ROM that I'm going to continue to use it for now, don't get me wrong I definitely will try all the other great sounding ROMs too! Sorry too if I tend to over-explain and thus be more confusing in whatever I may post. Since you are looking for requests, I would like to see the samsung calculator added back in because whatever the calc is that is there, I guess the standard winmo version, is inferior. The included calc is also extremely hard to see now with all the black backgrounds because it has dark blue text. I did look for a samsung calculator rom and only found one here in the i8000 cab repository called powercalc. It is just what I am looking for BUT it lacks the updated feature of the DC23 update which keeps what you are typing out in the display window while you are doing so like on a graphing calc for example. Basically I can't find an i920 post DC23 powercalc cab. Next Up and I'm not sure If you are looking for this sort of input but I want to be able to use Singer Creations Weather Watcher Mobile. It is a bit dated in the interface being not so touch specifically friendly but I have tried a couple other weather options like weather bug and though fancier they are not as easy to use and understand at a glance. I followed a post at singer creations website that had me edit the registry in hopes of getting it to work without launching the opera browser to display the weather info. Since the reg edit it no longer launches opera but simply remains as an entirely black background below the tabs and nothing is visible. I don't know if this is related to the black background for all the areas from the ROM of something else I would need to tweak in the registry as the info was from a while back for winmo 6.1. If you are interested here is a link to the post (if it will let me post a link) http://www.singerscreations.com/Forum/view...p;view=previous I then clicked the link in the 3rd post down to here: http://www.singerscreations.com/Forum/view...;p=14055#p14055 So anyhow Opera 10 seems to be a little more crash prone than I ever experienced on the stock O2 interface. Admittedly I have not used opera 10 on your room much at all since flashing (just haven't had much time for casual browsing since I have been busy). Uzard crashes equally as much it seems with your ROM compared to stock which seems pretty often but I know its beta so no complaint since it plays flash stuff like youtube so well. While I have wandered on through my thoughts here I hope I'm still on subject and I'm sure I forgot something I meant to mention. Anything that requires further input or explanation let me know. Thanks to all of you for your hard work and keep it up! -Tyler
  11. I would certainly be interested to try something like that out. I like the idea of touchwiz but it just didn't reach its full potential with Samsung's efforts.

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