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  1. I'm looking for you. Come find me at www.crackflasher.com I need your help. Thx X
  2. IF you find my kitchen you will have your filemanager. I dont know if it is still on my FTP. X
  3. Can't you just leave it in airplane mode? That way when it boots it won't start the radio. Just an idea. X
  4. Okay now that I think about it both the MMS and the jinbox app called the samsung file manager. That was removed and I kept the default windows 1 installed. If you go on the 8000 thread you should be able to find a samsung file manager cab. Once that is installed your mms functionality should be restored. I am at work until 6 am eastern standard time. I will check this thread on my breaks. X
  5. Actually take that back. I had the old unicel plan grandfathered over to verizon and with that I did not have multimedia messaging. I would suggest trying to install a jin box cab as all the samsung bloatware is removed. X Was this a quick enough response? :-)
  6. You can try installing that if you want. I don't remember exactly what I took out but I am pretty sure I took out everything. I still use that phone as an alarm clock and since it's dying day all the features that I said worked did. It was my daily driver. X
  7. Looks like the Russians found some of us American cooks :) http://4pda.ru/forum...c=221525&st=160
  8. You should post these plugins. I am a big fan of fast UI's. X
  9. Figures, and that's with pulling the SYS right from the ROM DUMP. Any suggestions would be great. X
  10. What SYS is this? Anyone know? Edit: The i920 will not boot with this SYS. I have even ported the XIP to MSXIPKernel. Tried the WinCENLS_WWE in SYS and XIP, with and without OEMXIPKERNEL, etc. I am trying adding NETCF3.5 to the mix with one last cook attempt. Here is the link if you want to try and see if it will boot on your phones. 6.1 SYS - ZeroUI Ooberlite. I think the i920 blocks anything under 6.5 from booting, but I cannot prove that. X
  11. How the F*ck do you find stuff that fast? Edit: Ok, still fails to boot, attempting with new MetaData folder. Edit2: Fails with MetaData folder as well. Think I need NETCF3.5? X
  12. Thanks, that might work. Any news on MetaData folder that goes in SYS from 6.1? I will attempt 6.1 build on the i920 while this is located. X
  13. Test cooking as I write this to you :) EDIT: Still won't boot using posted .VM & .ROM but successfully compiles. It's a start. NEED: 21054 MetaData folder 21054 MSXIPKernel X
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