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  1. Has anyone used these UK companies...seems better to order than them than from the US or China.
  2. Replacement Screen Suppliers Has anyone had any experiences buying a replacment screen through either 100% Original Dell Streak Mini 5 LCD display Screen +touch screen ... £58.89 - Lingosbox.com Genuine / Original Dell Mini 5 Streak LCD Display Screen Panel And ... £55.33 - Acceport I have cracked the LCD screen and it reuqires replacing so I was going to order one of these and do it myself. Can anyone just confirm this is all I need do. Reagrds Matt
  3. for some reason I cant find a folder with fastboot.exe in it. Any ideas where I should look guys? Searched and it finds nothing.
  4. So following the..... Upgrading from O2 2.1 (build 8105) to Stephen Hyde's 2.2 .....all my apps and music etc should reappear once upgraded? Last time I seemed to lose apps and music that wasnt on the SD card obviously. Whats the best way to make sure I retain them all?
  5. Do you loose all your photos and music etc etc when doing this upgrade and out of the verious links which one is best to use to upgrade to 2.1 guys? Also whats the best method of backing up your data? Thanks for your help.
  6. I should mention Im using 3g Watchdog to monitor the total amount of bandwidth being used also.
  7. Guys, Im using Advanced Task Killer on my Dell Streak which is seemingly working great. However, Im wanting to know which precise programs, Apps or Widgets are consuming the bandwidth Im using. Is there anyway to see this within this App or is there another App that can show me this. Thanks for any suggstions.
  8. Well after tying a few chargers I have bitten the bullet to buy the £55 car kit. I have to say it does look very streamlined and elegant compared to most car kits. That said, I was mailed with my confirmation or order and a delivery date of on or before the 27th August....lol. I sincerely hope it is before. I think Michael Dell maybe getting a mail off me asking if Dell know the difference between 4/5 days delivery not 4/5 weeks plus!!!! Did any of you guys get them delivered lot earlier than the due date?
  9. Well that 2 in 1 iphone charger didn't work either guys. It worked for about a minute, then the display said the battery charging function mwas being disabled as the charger wasn't a valid type. Well I guess that sorts it out.....Ill have to buy Dell and shell out the £55. Only good thing is my girlie can have the iphone charger..lol.
  10. Fingers Crossed I think mine is coming from a supplier in York by the looks of it. So leading into the next question....what kinda cradle are you using now with it?
  11. Not sure whether to try and find this universal tesco effort at lunchtime.
  12. I brought the above product and it didnt charge my Streak. Anyone else found any products that do charge up the Streak in the car?
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