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  1. rayboy

    where can i buy an unlocked Desire HD

    Since the op was from 2 weeks ago, I suspect he's already got one... but anyway Expansys is showing in stock - but ouch, £499! Amazon has a marketplace seller also claiming in stock.
  2. rayboy

    desire z vs desire

    My wife has the original Desire and I the Z. It might be just me trying to justify my purchase but my Z feels more responsive than the original Desire in use. As many have already said on the net, the cpu on the Z is next generation on from the original and the clock speeds are not comparable - it's like comparing a desktop cpu from two generations, the newer will be able to do more per clock cycle. Also I heard the GPU in the Z is far superior than the original, but I haven't research into that myself. If you can afford it, get the Z. I'd imagine HTC will stop upgrading the original Desire before they would stop the Z & HD. Some observations: * The Z is a lot weightier than the original. * I can't tell the difference between the screens, both look the same to me * The music app on the Z can stream from upnp media servers, the original cannot even after Froyo update. * I was apprehensive about the touch menu buttons instead of the hardware keys, but in use, I much prefer it than the old hardware buttons. A gentle tap on them is all that's needed to access the home, menu, back & search "buttons", makes the experience more in tune with the rest of the touch screen experience. * The touch pad is bit rubbish. Not responsive at all, I struggle trying to use it to move text cursors around text boxes. Definitely the weakest link of the Z experience.
  3. rayboy

    HTC Desire Z Keyboard

    Bought the Desire Z specifically because it had a keyboard. Moving from a Hero I was surprised to find the on screen keyboard to be more useable than before because the bigger screen made the on-screen keys slightly bigger, so I've found myself using the on screen keys most of the time for the occassional text box entries. The hardward keys comes in handy for longer text input like typing sms and emails. But I have to say I'm slightly disappointed at the feel of the keys, the key actions are not as positive as I had hoped. I got a Blackberry Curve from work and the keys on that thing is actually easier to use eventhough the keys are tiny by any standard, simiply because they are more positive to press. Saying all that, the hardward keys on the Z does make it more convenient, I have thin girly fingers so I can't tell you if it would make any different to fat fingers, but I find myself typing with my thumbnails which works quite well. Ok I waffled on a bit. In short, yes the keyboard is a nice to have and makes it easier to type longer messages than the on-screen keys. The on-screen keys are better than I had expected too. All in all I'm very happy with the purchase.
  4. Temproot seems to be working after a few attempts, Titanium is started but only shows 5 internal apps and no user apps available for backup.
  5. I hope someone can help. I listen to lots of audio books via the Audible app, but as with the normal Music app, the phone won't stream the audio to my standard bluetooth headset that afaik isn't a2dp capable. Does anyone know of a normal headset that the Desire Z can stream music / audio to, ie audio that is not a phone call. I prefer the types with the soft rubber in-the-ear earpieces like those on "normal" Sennheiser CX300 music headphones. I assume that the phone will happily stream music to any A2DP capable headset? Only problem is the standard type bluetooth headsets either are not A2DP or don't advertise the fact that they are. Appreciate any help. Thanks Ray
  6. rayboy

    Latest radio and GPS

    .11 wasn't getting GPS at all, now flashed to .14 and it's is getting a fix, albeit not quite as fast as others have reported - mine is still taking between 30 secs to 10 minutes. So it looks like .14 was worth upgrading to.
  7. rayboy

    Caveat Emptor..........

    Ebay is very good for buyers, just tell them and if you paid by paypal, they will refund you. A colleague of mine once bought a laptop that was locked, turns out it was stolen from a school. The school got the laptop back, my colleague got a full refund, the seller got arrested.
  8. rayboy

    Paul, could CIME be causing boot loop?

    Ah ha, thought I was going mad, what a happy co-incident that I forgot to bake with CIME then. On that note, anyone know where can I get a r5 compatible CIME from? Is the package designed for MCR3.2 compatible? Thanks Ray
  9. I've finally got r5 to work, but strangely eventhough I thought I had baked with Chinese IME, it's not available. So I rebaked after double checking CIME is selected and installed - boot loop. Maybe I had a bad download, so tried again, still no good. Thinking back, all the times I've had the boot loop problem, I have baked with the CIME. So, is it possible that CIME it is causing the boot loop? And the reason I finally got it to work is cos I forgot to select CIME?
  10. :D I was one of those who was getting persistent boot loops but the latest r5 is now working. Thank you Paul. Just one little issue now. I thought I baked with Chinese IME but it's not showing up, is there a separate update zip that I can install just to get CIME back on? I found a WVGA HTC_CIME package in the Software part of this site, but that doesn't work. Ray
  11. I tried r3, r4, r5, nothing worked. Tried removing the SD, tried wiping it, tried repartitioning it with just fat32, nothing worked. Baked r5 without a2sd, still no good. PLEASE does anyone have any more ideas, any pointers
  12. rayboy

    Neverending boot loop

    Is there some log file that I can look at to see what's causing the reboots? Using adb?
  13. rayboy

    Neverending boot loop

    Still getting the boot loop, have tried R3, R4, R5 customed baked with AND without A2SD, have repartitioned my SD card with only a single FAT32 partition now, still no luck. Have also flashed to latest radio *PU version, I was on OU before that. Anyone got any more ideas? I'm using the stock 2.1 chungwa rom. HELP
  14. I too have been getting the reboot loop with all the MCR WIP versions I've tried so far (both kitchen cooked and standard downloads), have tried wiping everything (system/cache/ext/battery/rotate) except the fat32 partition on SD. Pulling my hair out.... please don't tell me the card needs to be wiped too.
  15. I thought I saw the Chinese IME input as an option in the last few weeks, but it's now gone? I really want the CIME input... I signed up to the ad-free account today just to use the kitchen. ... So I just need to flash a non-Chinese version and then flash this afterwards? Thanks.

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