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  1. I could not have said it better...the Android calender is a BIG disappointment....and somehow the contact feature is as well... these are the (my) two main features that I use the most...even the default WinMo calender is light-years ahead of both the Android and the Iphone (what I have seen so far on Ip)...and with for example Pocket Informant even more flexibility and choices are available....Perhaps when (if) Android is being updated calender wise and contact wise I will feel the same way for Android, but at this stage...no Other than that I eWallet pretty much (both the WinMo and PC version). Besides that I really like the amount of applications that are available and all the options/settings etc there are for the WinMo apps. And even though the pen seems to be kind of outdated it is still one of the better "tools" and IMHO I still think it gives some more options and is "easy to use" rather than the finger touched devices....
  2. Device Name: HP iPAQ 614C. Operating System Version: Windows Mobile 6. ROM type: Default ROM.
  3. Hi There, So my question is quite simple (but it will mean a lot to me to get it solved): Is it possible to move folders (with contents) from one email account on my PPC to another email account on the same PPC? Right now I have an email account (which I sync with my webmail). However due to several factors I had to create a new account (which is in sync with the same webmail) on the same device. Now instead of having two email accounts with subfolders in both, I would like to move all subfolders and its contents from account #1 to account#2. Afterwards I will delete account#1 If it is only possible to move the contents (which is only emails) of the folders between the two accounts, that would be okay as will, as I can easily create sub folders and arrange the email from there… Any help would be greatly appreciated… :D PS: My service provider tells me that I can just sent the emails from one account to another by actually sending the mails again and then recive them again on the second account…they are of course correct, but it will take quite some time, and I am not willing to do so unless it is the absolute last solution…
  4. Hi Dirk my trusted friend :D I see what you mean. However I don’t think they have any non touch screen version for their software at all. Anyways; regarding the support from MASPWARE; I have almost been spamming them with questions and ideas about how to find out what the problem could be, but still they haven’t been able to figure out what the problem could be. In fact they have been quite cooperative in this regards, though I could have wished that they had tried some of the suggestions I had given them. Further to that I have been provided with beta releases etc from them in order to see if that would solve some of the encountered problems, but until now it has not worked on the 614 (some bonus info: I have in fact translated the software into Danish for them, however they have not been very good in providing me with the later versions of the sw in order for me to translate it so that it would be fully translated before new releases :( …anyway I guess I will have to talk with them about that subject)… SO…my next step is to test it on my HTC loan unit (as described above) and see the result…if it is good…then for sure we will know that there is a problem with the 614 and their sw…which is a shame…but they ought to know I think…
  5. Hi there Dirk, You might have a good point there...however I have not been able to find any version for non-touchscreens...I have searched their web site but could not find any. Any chance of you sending me a link? Thanks for all your help :P
  6. ahh that nice tool again B) I just checked the facility on my HP (running 6.0) and sure the "disable threaded SMS" is there alright (though of course it is only for 6.1) but I will install it on the HTC (running 6.1) and let you know the result :(
  7. Dirk...you might have hit the spot...Yes the HTC is using threaded SMS. Now if only I could get it not to do so I would be able to test it further. I have searched in every menu for at way of "turning off" threaded SMS but could not find any way to do so :P Would you happen to know were it is done...perhaps it is only possible in the reg db? (If it can only be done from the reg db, would you happen to know were to find the correct "key" to "toggle" it?)
  8. Hi mcna, Sorry for the late reply :P I am glad that it works for you. In fact I just got a loan HTC Diamond on which I want to try it out as well. If it does work (and it seems so with your unit) I am really out of suggestions about what the problem could be for why it is not working on my HP. Anyway I will try to see if I am doing something wrong when using it on the HTC device, but if not then I am not sure what to do afterwards... In any event, I will keep you update and thanks for your input :(
  9. Thanks for the warning. i was however just thinking of getting the official release from HTC ( I can see that they have new release on the 16 of January) just o see if that would change anything
  10. yes isn't it just wonderful :D The SMS however has always worked, so that shouldn't be a problem :D It seems that you got a version of 6.1 that is much never than on my HTC. I am sure this is the problem..that I am using an old version. Just wish that Windows would release a release note with the changes....I tried to search for one but it seems that they don't do so :( I will see if I can ask the owner of the HTC device to allow me to update the OS, perhaps that will solve it...
  11. FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY...after about 6 months I got my GPRS to work :D .....and the problem was...TADA: A mistake made by my service provider...just as I thought... B) Went to the shop today and told them about the issue...and just as I thought..the first answer was: your device is defect..we will have to sent it in for repair...NO WAY I said :P ..listen guys...I have tried the same SIM card on two different devices and the problem is the same...now please take MY sim card and install it in one of your phones and see what will happen...I can tell you...it wont work...they tried and sure enough...it didn’t work...they called the data service and they couldn’t find any problems...until after 15 min. suddenly they could se that a change has been made even though this should not have happened :( ...they promised me to fix it and now after a couple of hours IT WORKS...FINALLY...they guys told me that he had never experienced this before and I told him...well maybe you should listen to your customers...not all o them are as stupid as they look, and sometimes they know what they are talking about... He also laughed when I told him I have had this problem for more than 6 months...until I told him...well if you had just listen to me the first time this wouldn’t have been a problem anyhow...funny enough he didn’t laugh anymore after that
  12. @Dirk.... I just checked the GPRS connection on the HTC unit (in which I had put my SIM card from the HP device)...and guess what...the GPRS doesn't work either. I tried to go trough the step by step GPRS setup guide that my service provider has on their web site and even had them to automatically sent a setup script over SMS, and still i cant get it to work...that leads me to believe only one thing...my service provider has a problem with my data account, even though they claim they don't...so tomorrow I will confront them with the HTC device (which i know they support) and ask them if THEY can get it to work.....I know they cant...most likely they will say: you will have to hard reset your device and I will say....no way...I have the same problem with a second device...meaning that my devices most likely don't have a problem (having the exact same problem on two different devices is most unlikely) but YOU guys have a problem with MY data account...lets see what they have to say then.... In fact i am a bit excited to confront them with this issue...in any event i will keep you updated :(
  13. Dirk, this is indeed strange. I am 200% sure that I have read that SMS could not be set to unread and I am sure I read it in several reviews of version 6.1. However after searching the web I could only find information about 6.1 standard and that the standard version would not be able to set SMS to unread...I cant find information about this function in the pro version. Anyway, I have just tried on a HTC Diamond unit which is running 6.1 pro. I sent myself a SMS and read it and now I cant set it to unread again. This is indeed strange. I can see from you screen dumps that this is possible on your unit. But on my HTC unit both the "mark as unread" and the "mark as read" is greyed out. Unfortunately I don't have any screen dumps as I have not installed any screen capture app (it is a loan unit). Maybe it could have something to do with the version as the HTC unit is having version (build 19965.1.2.3) it seems that your version is newer...could that be the reason...I can not think of anything else.
  14. :P :D I don't hope that you broke anything after your drop :P :D Well the fact is that on winmo 6.0 you can set the sms to unread (or read) as you state, but in winmo 6.1 this is not possible. After the sms is read, you cant set it to unread again (well perhaps after some reg. tweaking). I just checked on both my HP (running 6.0) and a HTC diamond (running 6.1) and the above is correct. Now the stupid thing is that mails can be set a unread (or read) just not sms messages.... I also recall when 6.1 was released, I read about this "feature" in the "release note"...and I was almost in chock when i read it....that is why 6.1 is not going to be installed on my device for sure... I just hope that it will change in winmo 6.5 or at least in winmo 7 Anyway I hope this clarifies the issue :D
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