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  1. Yes i man this one but it doesn't Work for me. Did you install something?
  2. Yes unmount Workshop fine :-) Any Chance to gut Screenshot Feature live in the original GB Rom from SGS2?
  3. Thanks for your ICS Roms for GSG2 do i need new Radio oder new Kernels if i came from GB2.3.3 or is it allready in the rom?

  4. roled back to rooted stock and the wifi is fine again. it is not the radio because i have still the new radio which is in the kitchen, so it must be some thing in pauls rom or the new samsung rom
  5. I tested yesterday at Home the Wifi and it works perfekt. Because of this i think that in the new ROM are other Wifi power settings. Paul can you confirm that? Is it possible to adjust this?
  6. Anyone else with very bad WLAN reception on this rom? I use the Phone as WLAN-card over USB an with the Samsung Stock Rom 2.3.4 it worked the last 2 months perfect. Now after i Updated it works only if the display is active and about 30 seconds after Display goes black. In the Setings i tryed never disable WLAN and Never if it pluged in. Edit: Still with active Display its not usable anymore... The WLAN symbol goes away although i have 3 bars of the reception after some Seconds its back again, but i not moved the phone and Realtime Website are not usable :-(
  7. i don't believe in it, until it happens! just remember how LG lied to the customers with the release date of the phone.... why should they act now better?
  8. I noticed the same issue on the CM7 Rom... maybe a problem with GB and not special with the LG rom?
  9. i dont use any themes just add some options like Titanium Backup and remove the batery pop up the Circle batery works just take the one for MCR 4
  10. with the given Settings ist Paul Testing the Roms. Which Settings do you need is complete your decision. Read the text of the option too avoid wrong selection.
  11. i don't thing that its only the problem of the MCRs if you look at the Reviews at Amazon you will see that there are many people complaining problems with the game. I hope Paul can fix it in his Rom and we can play it :D
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