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  1. had the same issue. updated the baseband file. restored my nandroided fr17 all was fine. installed fr19 phone is borked. just freezes on the lg screen with the blue load bar. wiped the phone and reflashed it. same problem.
  2. process looks correct :D the wiping is done via the clockwork mod recovery. in there is a menu to wipe/factory reset phone. use that menu and it'll wipe the phone.
  3. yea yea yea will do in the future hehe I should just get the date/time from the network but O2's clocks often off. So why exactly is it the date restricts downloads?
  4. pardon my ignorance but reflash the whole rom or just one aspect?
  5. Hi all Was getting this with FR7 so wiped and updated to FR8 this morning. two issues really 1. gmail sync. Seems really patchy and slow at times. I sent a email to my gmail 5 minutes ago and its still not showing up on my phone. Shows up if I do a manual sync but only comes through sometimes on auto sync. Tried it on both wifi and regular data and same results. Also if I read a email on the phone or delete one it can take 5 mins or more to show as read/deleted in regular gmail. 2. market downloads. I go into the market and it recognises my apps I've purchased so I click on an app and choose download, but every app gets stuck permanently at the "starting download" phase. Tried leaving it for 30 mins with no joy. anyone have any ideas? cheers Rhys
  6. Paul the kitchen has the ability to disable this in fr8. Why would you want to disable it? pardon the stupid question just wasnt sure and wanted to be sure before baking a rom.
  7. Got my 2x saturday and loving it so far. Not gotten around to roming it due to being busy but whilst playing with it this morning I spotted the "preloaded apps" app. Seems a few interesting bits n bobs in there. Are they actually "free" and are they any good?
  8. sounds like a "maybe if you game a lot" sort of recommendation. I'll be checking it out in the shops along side the 2x but it'll have to do something verrrry impressive to convince me the game pad is of more benefit than the dual core. thanks for sharing your thoughts
  9. I'll be looking at one in the store but I'm still leaning towards a dual core device. All the reviews seem underwhelming and the hardware seems lacking a bit and non future proof. I'll still take a look and give it a fair chance but it'll have to do something special to grab me
  10. I had a similar experience when mine wouldnt keep its date and time. Phoned pc world support. was given a code to give to the store. swapped on the spot. excellent service.
  11. well mines going back today /sigh tried to return it last night but couldnt reflash the original rom in time to get there before 8pm because the sd card went loopy after I formatted it and it took some time to fix. Talk about a string of curse words coming out my mouth :( just hope this next one works. My wifes swapping it as she has the day off and shes under orders to make them demo the time/date sticking before she leaves the store lol
  12. anyone point me to how please? gotta swap mine out but cant seem to find the post on it thanks Rhys
  13. dang. ok thanks will have to reflash and replace mine
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