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  1. cant use cellular data apn's are correct but still cant use the internet
  2. can i back to official v20d russian after i updated kernel to 0.3?
  3. vaka sega.jas sum od makedonija i me interesira malo objasnuvanje.imam instalirano 21 black quarx rom bez clockwork recovery. i 1000000000 pati probano da stavam apps2sd.ne mi e jasno kako funkcionira celata taa rabota.bidejki posle particijata i instaliranjeto na site tie raboti(autoapp2sd) koga probam da instaliram aplikacija mi zema od tie 103 MiB sto ostanuvaat na telefonot
  4. try to hard reset your phone because some app is using your battery.i had the same problem and only this sollution worked.
  5. but can you help me and tell me how to install apps because i have no file manager
  6. thanks mate it was helpfull to me too:)
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