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  1. I am missing support in 1Password. Do you have found another apps?
  2. Haha... sorry totally forgot :-) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2377022&page=6
  3. @comicbookguy: See this thread, there is a solution posted. Post 51 and 52 are because of the TB error on restoring.
  4. @comicbookguy: What's the problem with TB restore? System settings or apps data and settings?
  5. Paul will make a new superboot for FRF91 this week. He has sent this via Twitter to me..
  6. Please help the Superboot for FRF83 does not root my phone. My bootloader is unlocked. In the command i see: sending 'boot' (2368 KB) .... OKAY writing 'boot' .... OKAY After reboot i have the app superuser, but no root rights !?? Why? Please help. Before i had the FRF50 and i had root rights ...
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