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  1. chrisonline

    Which Marshmallow Fingerprint enabled apps are you using?

    I am missing support in 1Password. Do you have found another apps?
  2. Yes it looks like. :-)
  3. Haha... sorry totally forgot :-) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2377022&page=6
  4. @comicbookguy: See this thread, there is a solution posted. Post 51 and 52 are because of the TB error on restoring.
  5. @comicbookguy: What's the problem with TB restore? System settings or apps data and settings?
  6. chrisonline

    Facebook Home download (including patched APK version)

    Same to me on a Nexus 4.
  7. Thanks Paul, works like a charm!!
  8. Paul will make a new superboot for FRF91 this week. He has sent this via Twitter to me..
  9. @rashad1: See quote above!
  10. Is there a superboot for FRF85B out there?
  11. Please help the Superboot for FRF83 does not root my phone. My bootloader is unlocked. In the command i see: sending 'boot' (2368 KB) .... OKAY writing 'boot' .... OKAY After reboot i have the app superuser, but no root rights !?? Why? Please help. Before i had the FRF50 and i had root rights ...

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